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Three Essentials to Stay Connected during a Crisis

Last updated: 13 Apr 2023

Disasters affect how we live and work. It comes in unprecedented ways that prompt planning and preparation ahead of time. During a crisis, many businesses grapple to keep their operations running smoothly. Some are ordered to work from home, and some are laid off. Allowing remote workers is a way to go for businesses to operate at the same pace and offer a win-win situation, but it leaves them obfuscated on monitoring employee productivity.

Maintaining productivity to remote employees can mean having the right resources. These resources can be as simple as desktops, internet connection, and applications. But even if employees had these with them at home, it can put their devices at risk. Carrier services have added features to provide connectivity solutions with reliable security. We have gathered information from various sources to see how carrier services play a critical role in business continuity.

1. High-Speed Connectivity

Social interaction has changed. We can collaborate face-to-face in the office, but this has become unfeasible since the coronavirus. Calls, conferences, and instant messaging are now the key factors to stay in touch with your colleagues. Thanks to technology. Having a carrier service enables you to have telephone lines and mobile phones with powerful connection quality. Nobody wants to hear noises in the background or getting cut off and missing important points during online meetings. Choosing the right provider by doing some research and knowing which one works best in your region are just some of the things to consider. Network differs per geographic location and the speed performance highly depends on how active you are online and the number of applications open.

2. Unified Communications

Imagine when you have diverse communication apps whether it’s Slack, Teams, Skype, or Zoom‚ it can become cumbersome and redundant. Think about the costs, subscription renewals, and windows open that need to be managed. Some apps are even incompatible with each other that restricts features and work productivity. Keeping it in one umbrella makes your life easier. The carrier cloud enables you to do that. You’ll have the certainty that each app can be integrated with each other. Demanding and complex applications can be deployed in a cloud environment, which helps fuse components and features into one location. The cloud also enhances the consistency of experience across apps and devices making communication more efficient. Apps in a single environment allow you to track everything within your reach. It’s a better way of controlling costs and seeing if there are active apps that you no longer use.

3. Reliable security and accessibility

Many countries implemented a lockdown or a work from home policy unexpectedly during the coronavirus. What if there were important files on your office desktop that need to be transferred? Remote access to your computer is possible. Wide Area Network (WAN) can do the magic trick here. It permits users at remote sites to enter a central database for file-sharing. Connecting and sharing corporate resources with remote workers is possible and easy. Various software‚ time tracker, workflow automation, and computer remote access are available to easily collaborate on projects. Tie it up with a carrier cloud and you’ll get powerful results. Using WAN fosters a cloud environment to be more reliable and secure. It prevents long lag times, security breaches, and difficulty in transferring sensitive information. Hackers and viruses pound on the gates of your network every single day, which makes it critical to actively defend against every possible vulnerability through WAN and other security measures.

It can be a bit much to register for carrier service and know what best fits your needs. There are underlying factors that make it expensive, paperwork-intensive, and time-consuming. Large telecom providers charge steep rates to organizations of all sizes. Our insider approach helps us grasp real costs, compare carrier services, and manage requirements that can save you time and money. We can find out the right solutions and do the work for you. Contact BlackPoint IT today!

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