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Office 365 Migration & Office 365 Management

Office 365 Management

Manage all of your apps, assets, user profiles, and channels in one cloud-based location with Office 365 management solutions. Microsoft’s ManageEngine Manager Plus does all the heavy lifting so you can carry out your management tasks in minutes, not hours.

End-to-end Encryption

Reduced cybersecurity risk with a structured process integrated with top-of-the-line protection tools.

Platform Consulting

Quickly scale and streamline business process with the guidance of experts ready to support your business goals.

Around-the-clock Support

24/7 access to a pioneer of Microsoft experts where you can ask questions and report any issues you have with your subscription.

Training and Onboarding

Provide smarter training and program to your end users with the guidance of experts.

System Integration

Simplify the deployment of new systems from start to finish with the direction of certified experts.

Advanced Features

Operate in a cloud data center with custom systems management, virtualization, storage, and identity management.


Improve team productivity with Office 365.

Businesses see the potential of emerging technologies such as the cloud for optimizing work processes, cost-minimization, and enhanced security. One of the most used cloud-based apps today is Microsoft 365. It is a suite of productivity apps. These apps include Outlook, Teams, Word, and Excel. In the past, Microsoft 365 had to be installed locally. You can now access it over the Internet ever since Microsoft hosted the environment to cloud.  

Enhance the data security of your organization.

With Office 365, you can access all your files across servers from anywhere. Since everything is stored on a regularly backed-up cloud, you can ensure that your data, documents, and other valuable digital assets are safe and secure. Office 365 offers a variety of cloud-based apps to mix and match based on your unique needs.


Ease Office 365 Migration with Certified Engineers.

If you were using Microsoft Exchange or other non-cloud Microsoft services, you can easily transfer files, inboxes, and data over to the cloud in batches. This allows you to carry out your daily tasks without interruption or vulnerable downtime.

A robust technology for your organization.


Say goodbye to infrastructure costs.

No need for upfront and infrastructure costs. Microsoft 365 is a cloud solution that can be accessed over the Internet.

Collaborate easily across teams.

Connect with your remote employees and share files faster with the help of Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Outlook and other productivity apps.

Worry less on management and security.

Our team offers a white-glove service along with the Microsoft 365 package you subscribe to. We use enterprise-grade security to safeguard your data and detect anomalies.

Choose a plan with expert advice
from a Certified Microsoft Partner.

Choose a plan with expert advice from a Certified Microsoft Partner.

Keep your remote workers productive and connected.

Microsoft Teams is the new hub for agile organizations. It brings messaging, audio and video conferencing, calls, and content collaboration together in one platform for remote workers. No matter where you are, you're always on top of what's going around your team projects.


Get a custom Office plan for your organization.

Remove the burden of figuring out what applications and software work best with your processes. We can help you define the right package for your business with a few, simple steps. You’ll have the option to choose from a variety of plans that fit your requirements.

Make smarter decisions with a Microsoft Partner.

Work alongside a partner that keeps your business on track. Microsoft Partners are your trusted advisor when it comes to investing in your long-term goals. We help you understand your business needs as well as provide you with a better solution.


Get the most out of your
Microsoft subscription plan.

Collaborate with professionals 
Solve your business’ unique challenges quicker. Having a partner will help you put up good progress to your advantage.   

Achieve a better return on investment 
Receive achievable recommendation solutions. Microsoft Partners are trained to give expert advice and evaluate your company’s needs to deliver sustainable benefits.  

Meet industry standards 
Partnering with a Microsoft certified partner provides better troubleshooting skills if your business gets caught in a snag.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft 365 is one of the most used cloud-based apps today. It is a line of productivity apps—Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel and more offered by Microsoft.

A Microsoft partner is a business that sells or offers Microsoft services or support to customers. Microsoft partners also ensure your 365 architecture is configured in a manner that fits your business’s specific operations and needs. 

By working with a Microsoft partner, you will always be up-to-date on the latest software installments and network developments, allowing you to increase your return as a business. When you work with a Microsoft Partner, you will receive a white-glove service that works around the clock to ensure your IAM, 365 compliance, and governance are in place.

Yes. You will also have the ability to grant others in your network access, as well.

Costs are based on varying factors, such as your current host, how many users you have, and how many devices will be involved. 

Yes. There are a variety of security measures in place, so your data and networks remain protected. Here are a few security features Microsoft 365 offers:

  • Email Encryption  
  • Data Loss Prevention  
  • Mobile Device Management 

Yes. Microsoft 365 has a seamless migration process that will allow you to transfer your files quickly and easily.

Partner membership is free, but other partnerships may cost an annual fee.

Office 365 is cloud-based, and you can choose from a variety of apps within the cloud. Office Suites offers a collection of software-based services the traditional way. 

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You choose an Office plan,
we execute and onboard your employees.

You choose an Office plan,
we execute and onboard your employees.