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Feed your mind with reliable information.



Types of Cloud Environment

INFOGRAPHIC Types of Cloud Environment There are different types of cloud environment—public, private, and hybrid. Each environment serves a purpose, but it doesn’t mean it

Understanding Ransomware 2020

INFOGRAPHIC Understanding Ransomware 2020 Grasp what ransomware is all about and how it affects your systems. Download the infographic for free. DOWNLOAD NOW INFOGRAPHIC Understanding

IT Success Factors

INFOGRAPHIC IT Success Factors Systems and technologies are the life blood of a business. Without IT, it can cripple your operations. Check out the infographic

Ways to Detect Phishing Emails

INFOGRAPHIC Ways to detect phishing emails Most cyberattacks are cloaked with phishing emails. There are things you need to remember to prevent from being a


All about Cloud Computing

EBOOK All about Cloud Computing Understanding cloud technology is eminently complex. We put together a guide in non-technical language so you can grasp it in

What to Do When Hit with Ransomware

Guide Hit with ransomware Anybody can encounter a cyberattack. Being cognizant of the steps to retrieving your data saves you thousands of money. Download the

Unlocking the Right Cloud Approach

GUIDE Unlocking the Right Cloud Approach Cloud computing has evolved from a confusing, poorly defined concept to an integral part of business for many organizations.


Case Studies

Alpine Food Distributing Inc. Case Study

CASE STUDY Alpine Food Distributing Inc. Alpine Food Distributing is the largest food distribution company in the Pacific Northwest. Read how BlackPoint upgraded Alpine’s infrastructure

Kline Galland Case Study

CASE STUDY Kline Galland Kline Galland is a non-profit organization who had encountered funding infrastructure upgrades required to maintain HIPAA compliance. Check out how BlackPoint

Hartung Glass Case Study

CASE STUDY Hartung Glass Hartung’s growth and acquisition of several companies forced them to update their IT infrastructure. See BlackPoint’s role in the project. DOWNLOAD

Mid-mountain Materials Case Study

CASE STUDY Managed IT Services for business growth Today’s environment requires a flexible and scalable digital solution. BlackPoint IT implemented a solution that connected the

McClone Construction Case Study

CASE STUDY Enhancing collaboration with technology A California-based construction company expanded its offices across the US and found Office 365 as its key driver to

Bader Martin Case Study

CASE STUDY Minimizing Risks of Downtime Northwest’s leading full-service accounting and advisory firms needed a reliable solution to protect sensitive digital assets and minimize downtime.


New Security Threats to Remote Workforce

ON DEMAND WEBINAR Security Threats to Remote Workforce Since the work-from-home paradigm emerged, new security threats evolved along with telecommuting. Remote workers today face surprising

Critical Cloud and Bandwidth Resources

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Critical Cloud and Bandwidth Resources Cloud technology became a haven for businesses amid the uncertainty of the pandemic. Watch the webinar to learn

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