Managed Cloud Services

Cloud services provide businesses with a cost-effective method of accessing enterprise-grade infrastructure, security, and technical expertise without breaking the bank. Let BlackPoint secure and manage your cloud resources so you can concentrate on running and growing your core business.

Leave the technical cloud management to professionals.

BlackPoint’s cloud consulting services help your business navigate the complex landscape of cloud technology. Our team provides companies with a roadmap for a comprehensive cloud strategy focused on integration and optimization of your data and applications.

Our cloud migration services are designed to ensure businesses can successfully migrate their data and applications seamlessly to the cloud. Our experienced cloud engineers work alongside you to create and deploy a customized migration plan. We ensure a successful transfer of your company’s essential information, systems, and programs to the cloud.

Our cloud engineers actively monitor the private cloud infrastructure that hosts your data to quickly resolve any incidents or issues. BlackPoint’s private cloud is regularly patched and upgraded to ensure your data is hosted on a secure and optimized infrastructure.

An in-depth assessment by BlackPoint’s cloud experts will help your company design a customized strategy for hosting applications and data in the cloud. We’ll help you determine when migration makes sense and if certain apps should remain in your private cloud or on-premises data center.

BlackPoint implements security solutions that go beyond industry standards to furnish robust protection to your cloud resources. Each client has its own virtual firewall that protects their servers and data. Our team implements a security strategy that includes network protection, access controls, data encryption, and threat monitoring and response capabilities.

Transform your business to a digital-first work culture.

BlackPoint’s private cloud solution provides businesses with a secure, scalable, and flexible cloud infrastructure customized to meet their unique needs. Our private cloud is ideal for businesses that demand a high level of security and compliance to address regulatory requirements. The managed private cloud solution lets you focus on your company’s core business while our experts handle the management and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure.

Ensure business continuity and security by using private cloud.

Our managed private cloud service provides companies with features and functionality unmatched by Azure, AWS, and GCP. BlackPoint’s private environment keeps your data more secure than the public environment of large cloud providers. We also offer guaranteed bandwidth so you always have the capacity to operate efficiently.

As your cloud service provider, we take the burden off your team.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Our experts will help you develop and support a hybrid cloud environment that leverages the benefits of both the public and private cloud.

Backup and Retention

BlackPoint offers automated and secure backup and retention solutions designed to protect your critical cloud-hosted business data.

Disaster Recovery

Reliable disaster recovery minimizes downtime and the risk of data loss in the event of a disaster. BlackPoint gets your systems up and running quickly to reduce the impact of outages on your business.


Cloud infrastructure segmentation ensures that all of your servers and data are secure and not accessible by other cloud customers.

24/7 Monitoring and Remediation

We continuously monitor your cloud infrastructure and perform proactive remediation of issues to ensure high availability and optimal performance.

Microsoft Azure Management

We provide comprehensive management of your Microsoft Azure cloud environment to ensure optimal performance and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you managed client data in a private cloud?

We have protocols to prevent users from accessing data on the same server that isn’t a part of the organization. Each client data is encrypted with a unique key, exclusive to each organization.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is securely stored in a HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliant data center. HIPAA, PCI and SOX are just a few of the regulations imposed by the US government. You can focus on your core applications directly related to your business and not on the day-to-day maintenance involved with servers, networks, and security.

How do you notify us in the case of a security breach?

We have an automated notification that informs you immediately of any security breach. After that, we outline the steps we’ll take to contain the virus and restore your data.

In an event of a disaster, how do you help your clients?

We immediately invoke the disaster and response plan built for your organization. Clients can easily dial in and request a copy of their data from the cloud. We restore as much or as little as you want—files, emails, apps, and more.

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