Telecom Carrier Services

Connectivity is a crucial aspect of your business. Our carrier services team will provide recommendations and ideas that will best fit your organization’s needs and requirements.

Partner with trusted telecom carrier experts.

Deal Negotiation

One of your biggest expenses as an organization is your re-occurring monthly carrier expense. Our Carrier Solution team will help you manage these expenses more efficiently.

Vendor Selection

We analyze your expenses by looking at your phone lines, Internet, and data connections to ensure that you have the right carrier provider that meet your organizational needs.

Network of Carriers

Upon completing our research, we provide recommendations to improve your bandwidth, line efficiency, and in many cases, reduce your costs.

Billing Management

Some businesses are too busy to review contracts and invoices regularly to spot errors. We can consolidate your bills and vendors to ensure that you only pay for the services you use.

Choose from array of carrier solutions in the market.

Our vast network of 200+ carrier providers help us select the best carrier solutions for your organization while saving thousands of dollars. BlackPoint functions as a liaison between you and your carrier provider, ensuring that your expectations are met, including billing, follow-up installation, issue reporting, and escalation if needed.

Partner with trusted telecom carrier experts.

From sourcing solutions to negotiating SLAs, deployment, and support, our team will be with you every step of the way. We have a complete team of professionals that can assist with your telecom from start to finish.

Leverage a carrier solution built for growth and scalability.

Our team understands your IT infrastructure and carries out a telecom solution that is resilient in an event of a disaster, flexible when your business expands, and scales as your service demand goes up.

Our process in selecting the right carrier for your business.


Our vendor neutral telecom carrier experts will design your custom solution.


Multiple quotes from qualified providers will be provided to you.


Identifying the right vendor in the marketplace could be tedious. Our team will determine which solutions best meet your requirements.


Your dedicated project team will deploy the solution for you.


If you run into any issues, our 24/7 support team are available to respond and act on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with a Telecom Carrier Liaison today?

IT leaders today face several challenges in terms of choosing the right carrier and knowing how to leverage the right technology for the company. BlackPoint IT’s Telecom Carrier Services is your advocate toward managing every aspect of your IT and building tailor-fit solutions for your business.

Our team is dedicated to making your carrier experience more meaningful. This objective means helping our clients in selecting the partner that meets their expectations. With telecom architects well-versed in IT, BlackPoint ensures you acquire solutions that align with your goals. We do this by proving a holistic and proactive approach to finding the most cost-effective solutions for you.

How to choose the right telecom provider?

Selecting the carrier to trust is one of the major business decisions you will ever make. In doing so, it’s best not to rush things and weigh your options based on several criteria like:

  • Calling plans and pricing
  • Service flexibility and customization
  • Voice and video output quality
  • Third-party integration with existing
  • business tools
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Excellent support

Every business aims to achieve what is best for their growth, and you want a VoIP provider that can meet all your business communication needs and guarantees dependable services. BlackPoint IT commits itself to build a secure and robust communication system for you.

What is VoIP termination?

This term refers to procedures for routing telephone calls from provider to provider until the calls are routed to the last telephone company and finally reach the intended recipient.

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