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In today’s technology-driven world, having a resilient communication plan is a must-have for every successful business. Knowing how to utilize your communication lines effectively is vital to keep your organization and customers connected. Our business voip solutions bring in a harmonious environment where readily accessible data, secure and instantaneous communications, and robust voice networks work together in a unified and comprehensive service. 

On-Premise Support

We manage your issues with your on-premise phones like outages, hardware, and call flows.

Hosted VoIP Support

We're your point of contact to work with and remediate issues related to your phone system quality and features.

Network and Bandwidth Troubleshooting

We ensure that you receive the best quality of service when it comes to your telecom lines.

Advanced Feature Support

Stay up to date with the latest hosted communication features. Our support desks are available to complete basic to advanced moves and changes to your phone systems.

Vendor Support

We deal with third-party vendors so your problems are solved quicker and minimize issues along the way.

White-glove Turnkey Installation

Focus on your business while our technical team comes and install your new communication solution.

Enable a connected workforce.

Work from anywhere using an effective communication technology that keeps your employees productive and clients happy. We'll help you find out whether an on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid voice solution is right for your organization.

Unify your business communications.

Adopt unified communications for a highly productive team. Enjoy its advanced functions and easily navigate through the communication system with expert guidance from our certified VoIP Architects.

Unify your business communications.

Adopt unified communications for a highly productive team. Enjoy its advanced functions and easily navigate through the communication system with expert guidance from our certified VoIP Architects.

Exploit powerful VoIP system features.

Take advantage of call recording, forwarding, add and remove phone numbers, voicemail, E911, caller ID spoofing, cloud integration, web-based portal, and more that makes your team's work easier.

Remote work requires modern solutions.

With BlackPoint IT’s voice over internet protocol solutions, we enable your organization to work from anywhere with advanced unified communication technologies. Our VoIP architects will guide you through customizing and navigating your communication systems.

Unleash the full potential of business communications.

Bandwidth Analysis

Hosted VoIP runs over the Internet. Our team logs an inventory of your systems that require internet usage. Afterwards, we determine the bandwidth required for each activity and the number of end users.

Monitoring and Network Utilization

Upon identifying the estimated bandwidth requirement, we run a network penetration test to see how your users can get the best possible network performance.

Business VoIP Solution

We then recommend whether an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid phone system suits your organization. By understanding how your operations work, your options narrow down and impend a well-defined solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

On-premise PBX (Private Branch Exchange) uses an IP routing technology for your calls incorporating a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) software. This means you have the functionality of VoIP without having to own or maintain all necessary equipment on site. 

VoIP is a technology that lets anyone do phone calls through an internet connection. It converts your voice into data packets that are digitally transmitted over the internet. VoIP gives users essential to advanced applications that can help your organization become more agile. 

Yes. We provide both on-premise and hosted solutions. Depending on your preference but before jumping into that, we make sure that your network and telecom provider can handle the operations. 

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a technology that allows communication calls via the internet. SIP is one of the main components that enables voice and video data to be transmitted during the call. 

VoIP offers a unified communication solution where you can conduct calls on your computer, phones or mobile phones wherever you are. VoIP can also help you save up to 90% on your monthly expenditures. It offers many features—call forwarding, call routing, voicemail, caller ID, conference calling, and call-waiting—are covered in a monthly fee. 

Yes, you can retain your phone numbers. We have a free number reporting that allows you to retain your existing phone numbers. 

Auto attendant is a feature that allows you to have a virtual receptionist who directs your callers to the designated department or people.   

An IP Phone or a VoIP phone allows you to make calls through the internet. IP Phones convert your voice audio to packets of data that gets converted back when it reaches the receiver. 

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Enhance your business
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Enhance your business communications today.