VoIP Service Provider in Portland

Maximize the value of your VoIP System

As your pursuit to find the best communication feature continues, the communication landscape continues to expand and upgrade their features. Organizations are starting to experience difficulties in handling the system on their own.

Companies are now seeking help from VoIP service providers to keep at pace with the rapidly changing communication environment. BlackPoint IT’s voice services make it possible for businesses to have a unique phone system suited for their communication needs. BlackPoint IT offers different packages to choose from, many of which fit any business size, needs, and budget.

VoIP Hardware and Software Integration

Eliminates the need for your businesses to purchase additional infrastructure. Our Portland team will ensure your organization always has the most up-to-date software and hardware.

VoIP Migration Support

the headaches of migrating your legacy systems to the cloud. Whether you're planning to migrate to a private, public, or hybrid cloud, our Portland cloud engineers will guide you each step of the way systems and ensure your systems operate efficiently.

Managed VoIP Security Vulnerabilties

Your communication system can carry out more attacks if it's compromised. Seal every door with the state of art communication security encryption and monitoring systems.

IP Phones

Choose from a variety of powerful phones. Our solution architects will equip you with the perfect desk phone.

PBX Systems Management

Upgrade your PBX communication systems into a hosted solution and start receive an excellent cloud PBX service that includes not only VoIP but also new integrations to connect them.

VoIP Contingency Plans

Find the perfect disater and back up solution for your business in case of a break. Our experts will work with you in recovering your infrastructure in case you fall bait to a malicious breach.


On-demand business
VoIP solutions

Small businesses are increasingly considering the deployment of a hosted VoIP system as their business phone system. BlackPoint IT's on-demand VoIP communication services can help small businesses scale their communication lines when needed. We guide our clients in crafting their own communication strategy based on their specific needs and goals. 

Leader in value-based communication.

As a leader in the value-based communications in Portland, BlackPoint IT has the capability to assist many smaller businesses through the process of educating and supporting them as they embark on a new phone system journey. Our hands-on team understands the challenges of small-to-medium business in managing their communication systems, we have a proven methodology ensure every business can adopt their own VoIP system with ease.


Partner with a Portland Managed Cloud Provider

Unified Communication Enablement

As you look for features and new capabilities on how you keep your lines connected. We're the backend ensuring all chosen technologies integrate with your current communication systems. We ensure all applications and lines are in optimal running condition.

White-glove turn key installation

As you upgrade your communication systems, we guarantee you experience no downtime. Our white-glove turn key installation method to ensures that every detail in your communication systems are accounted for to ensure smooth transition.

Phone Management

From simple adds or moves, we have your back. We will work with you in customizing your own phone system. All we need from you is your goals and your 100% cooperation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Telecommunications have changed over the past years. VoIP telecommunications allow you to take advantage of the most advanced communication tools and features like conference calling, DID and auto-attendant features. 

Since VoIP is delivered via the internet network, it is subject to the same security vulnerabilities as the rest of your business’s IP-based systems. But since you’re working with a VoIP service provider, you have access to a comprehensive security policy to address and document the security needs of your VoIP.

The transition period is short. You can have it up in as quick as 4 weeks. 

Yes. If you have questions about an advanced feature or need a new guide to deploy it, we can help point you in the right direction and resolve your issue. 

Connect your workforce.

Connect your workforce.