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Common Pitfalls in IT

Last updated: 13 Apr 2023

Many companies rush to get their operations going, which often results in setting up systems and technologies on the fly. Let’s take Jane, a Facility Manager at MJCM Inc., as an example. Jane oversees the IT department, monitoring the network, remediating technical issues, and cybersecurity. But one day, she was astonished by the amount of time and cost wasted from all of their team’s initiatives. Below are the three mistakes they’ve done, that most companies are trapped into as well.

Three common pitfalls in Information Technology:

1. Poor Planning

Some business owners are anxious to build their own companies, leading; to equipping themselves with random toolkits, they could purchase at that time. They scout options in the marketplace and buy devices intended for the office but have a home version of the operating system. A home version won’t let users connect to a Windows domain, for example. Companies that take this road would experience adverse effects in the long run. It could drive up their costs and force them to upgrade to a pro version–rendering more expenses and overhead.

2. Fixing Issues on the Fly

IT Managers with a reactive state on technical issues remediate these problems when it arises. Having a kind of mindset would only cause downtime and interruption in business operations. Instilling a proactive approach to resolving issues and assessing systems will save more time and money. Always plan, conduct an inventory, and monitor your IT environment, preventing hiccups in the future. Take note of the software updates, license expirations, operating systems, and age of the system, to name a few.

3. Updating Systems at No Scheduled Time

As core tasks get in the way, managers don’t have any more time to log all their organization’s devices and systems. Being oblivious about the granular details of each system compels IT Managers to update systems company-wide. Doing this intervenes with every employee’s work. It could put their devices on software update loading mode, or the systems they need won’t be accessible at such time. Not all devices or systems also need an update. Creating an inventory of technologies will spare you from trouble.

What To Do Next

Managed IT Services focus on helping you look at the bigger picture. Managed Service Providers (MSP) can help you develop a plan that fits your business needs and budget so that you aren’t left scrambling with IT management. They have the knowledge and experience to remediate issues immediately. Certified consultants work with you on which equipment best fits your business needs and blend it into your IT Roadmap. When it comes to remediating IT problems, planning out your IT roadmap, and updating your critical systems, some things are better left to the experts.

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