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Data Loss Can Cost You Money and Your Reputation

Last updated: 13 Apr 2023

Data breaches are serious issues that can come with large costs. According to the Ponemon Institute, the average breach will cost an organization $4 million. Data loss strategies must be in place to combat this increasingly common problem.

While there are damages in terms of dollars, a data breach can also ruin an organization’s reputation. Consider the following tips for creating a data loss recovery and prevention strategy for your company:

Beware of bad software

There are cybercriminals out there developing counterfeit software that might even pose as antivirus apps. These fake solutions are only built so they can open up your system to the hacker. It is important that your employees only download software that has been fully vetted.

Backup your data

Much of the data loss organizations experience could be avoided if a consistent and quality backup solution was in place. Cloud-based backup/disaster recovery data centers are increasingly popular as they are often geographically removed from an organization’s location, which means the data will also be safe should a natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane, earthquake, or tornado occur in your area.

Prepare for ransomware

Make sure you have a secure email protocol in place, as many hackers are able to gain access to a system and encrypt the data through email phishing. Make sure all your employees are educated on this tactic so they don’t become the weak link in the system that a hacker utilizes to steal your data.

Manage credentials

Former employees are sometimes the downfall in data loss situations because their credentials were never shut down. This can occur with contractors, as well, perhaps even years after they did work for your organization. Be sure to revoke all login privileges immediately upon termination of an employee.

Watch out for phony banners

Another popular method to open your system to data loss is through clicking on hijacked ads. These can even be found on legitimate sites, and once they’ve clicked on, they open your system up to the hacker. Make sure your employees know they aren’t allowed to click on banner ads while on your system.

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