On-Premise IP PBX & Cloud-Based PBX Services

On-premise PBX with a modern touch.

Telecommunications has evolved from a focus on voice to a solution for complex communications. Customers expect to engage with businesses through various communications channels, from online chat to voice and mobile messaging. The way people communicate is continuously growing and morphing. But one communication solution still stands out—Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private network that allows users to talk to each other using different hardware components that provide connectivity to a telephone network. On-premise PBXs now offer similar capabilities that made hosted solutions famous. A PBX system manages, transfers, and customizes calling features for inbound and outbound calls. The system aims to empower organizations to maintain their existing devices with an all-digital foundation.

Call Management

Design and implement your desired call parameters. We'll help you get started on choosing your own direction and set your own rules in your PBX network tree.

Interactive Voice Response

Improve efficiency and service quality with customizable greetings and menus ready to accommodate your customers. We'll take care of the technicalities needed to identify your caller's intent.

Direct Inward Dialing

Ensure there are no missed opportunities and all calls are covered. We'll guide you through assigning a dedicated number for each employee without worrying about a separate phone system.

Virtual Contact Center

Effortlessly synchronize customer relations with your operations where ever they are. We'll help you deliver a personalized and consistent experience for every customer using your own contact center.

Unified Communications

Integrate enterprise-grade features into your PBX systems. We'll help you leverage the power of web conferencing, phone, chats and more in one solution.

Toll Free Numbers

Enable calls to reach anyone, anytime, and anywhere on any device. We will arm you with a solution that represents your local presence even when you're on the other side of the world.


Reap the benefits of owning a business phone system.

We live in a time where various communication technologies enable organizations to stay online and always be productive. But some still want to have transparency and control over their communication lines. Housing your PBX system on-premise gives you complete control over business communications and saves you money in the long run. With BlackPoint IT, you have a variety of options available—type of phones, number of extensions, choice of trunks, and complex features. Our solution architects will guide you every step of the way to weigh in which would work best for your business' needs.

Have effortless phone migration and deployment.

Today, companies configure their PBX systems as a unified communication system which allows them to have more flexibility at a fixed cost. With unified communications becoming more widely adopted, office PBX migration demand has been rising. Start integrating mobile and desktop softphones with UC features. BlackPoint IT's premise-based solutions will enable you to have a straightforward approach incorporating UC features to your legacy phone systems.


Get your organization trained by the experts.

More control over your system means more responsibility training and onboarding your team. Increase user adoption with BlackPoint IT's training and management support. Our solution architects will guide you in crafting a onboarding program that adheres to your employees' needs.

Benefit from 24/7 IT support.

Communication technology specialists are ready to assist you with any concerns around-the-clock—whether it's a bug, broken line, user adds, or phone scalability. We will accommodate and address issues at no additional cost.


Level up your on-premise communication lines

Limited monthly cost

After your initial outlay, you are now incurring to lower your monthly cost.

Greater control

Acquire complete control over your system with simple moves, adds, changes, or updates.

Increased flexibility

Unify your communication system and handle remote users and multiple offices without hiccups.

Virtual communications

Integrate your phone system with cloud-based apps for easy call answering or transferring.

Frequently Asked Questions

On-premise PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a communication solution that uses an IP routing technology for your calls incorporating a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) software. 

VoIP is a technology that lets anyone do phone calls through an internet connection. It converts your voice into data packets that are digitally transmitted over the internet. VoIP gives users essential to advanced applications that can help your organization become more agile. 

Yes. You have choice of integrating the functionality of VoIP without having to own or maintain all necessary equipment on site. 

Yes, you can retain your phone numbers. We have a free number reporting that allows you to retain your existing phone numbers. 

IVR is a feature that allows you to have a virtual receptionist who directs your callers to the designated department or people.   

Toll-free numbers are telephone numbers with distinct three-digit codes that can be dialed from landlines with no charge to the person placing the call.

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Enhance your business
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Enhance your business communications today.