BlackPoint New Hosted VoIP

Revolutionize your contact center and unified communications workloads with BlackPoint’s cutting-edge Hosted VoIP! Our service takes advantage of Avaya’s reliable IP Office technology, hosted in our wholly owned data centers. With a predictable monthly subscription rate, you can easily scale up or down depending on the needs of your business. Experience innovative cloud computing that works for you when it comes to managing all aspects of communication within an organization.

BlackPoint Hosted VoIP offers the ultimate secure and reliable phone system for your business. Our Hosted VoIP Cloud solution ensures redundancy with multiple connections to prevent downtime in any event of disruption.

Our IP telephony/voice, video, mobile applications, IMs, Presence tools, Microsoft Teams integration, and Meet Me Conferencing features provide instantaneous connection that can be harnessed anytime. In addition, our contact center solutions are also robust which offer call recording services along with CRM integration for screen pop up notifications. Call reporting is another feature allowing improved callback messaging alongside skills-based routing as well.

On top of that, our managed service solution saves you from having to purchase costly maintenance plans or worry about updates — we take care of everything remotely.

We also provide remote work options that not only eliminate commute times but increase productivity as well. With a team of experts committed to working with providers on your behalf, rest assured that all technical aspects are taken off your plate completely when you partner up with us.

Our Professional Services team is dedicated to assisting you in customizing your cloud-based system, so that it meets the individual needs of your business. Project managers and engineers help you every step of the way to guarantee the deployment process will be smooth and trouble-free.

  • Move at your speed, deploying within 60 days (or even quicker if needed)
  • Design a solution that works with your current and future needs
  • Be your key resource through every step — assist you in bringing specificity to your requirements
  • Ensure that your solution is tested and thoroughly functional to bring the maximum benefit
  • Provide Comprehensive Training so you can use your invest to its full potential

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