ACR\Xima Chronicall Contact Center

Skills-Based Routing

Xima Contact Center provides skills-based routing for the IP Office. You can easily create skills and assign certain agents in those skills. You can also rank each agent’s expertise on certain skills from 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest level of expertise and 10 being the highest. In addition, you also get to choose what pattern you want your incoming calls to ring in. Contact Center offers five different patterns that you can select.

Web Chat

Web Chat is a chat box that appears on your website so your customers can chat with a real agent on the receiving end. Agents can customize their messages for greetings, endings, etc. They can also, send screenshots over the chat box to help answer the customer’s questions. Agents can also select from canned messages, which are pre-written responses the supervisor can set up. An agent can also transfer the customer to another agent to chat to if they would have more information than the initial agent can provide. When answering a customer’s question, agents also have the option to send clickable help links, as well as request to see a screenshot of the customer’s web page to assist in answering.

Contact Center Agent Client

Contact Center Agent Client (CCAC) is a software solution that provides desktop functionality for Skills-Based agents using Chronicall. CCAC provides agents their own personalized display and allows agents to log in and out of their channels, skills, and enable CC-DND from a single interface. CCAC can be enabled as a WebRTC softphone or used in a desktop mode whereby the agents still use their desk phone for call activity and CCAC as their contact center tool.

  • WebRTC and Desktop Mode:
  • Personalized Display
  • Single Pane of Glass
  • Reason and Account Codes
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Screen Pop

Queue Callback

This aspect of Contact Center gives customers the option on the phone to stay in the line, reserve an agent, or leave their number and have you call back when they’re first in line. These options are also known as Queue Callback strategies. Depending on the Queue Callback strategy, the caller can cancel their place in line, snooze the agent, or accept the call.

Supervisor Experience

Chronicall provides supervisors the unique experience of accessing reports for their contact center, reporting for the office staff (call accounting), and recording of all agents within the same interface. There are over 60 standard reports for supervisors to select from, run on demand or have scheduled to run. The reports can be exported to five different formats including PDF, EXCEL, CSV, HTML, and JSON.

All call data that you can see on a report can also be seen live with Realtime Wallboards. This feature allows you to customize a visual display so that you can view your personalized call data in real time. This means you can view your agents’ call statistics such as their accepted and missed call count, their average speed of answer, their total call summary and the agent’s current state. You can also monitor your skills and queue in real time, receiving real time alerts.

Within the Supervisor View, supervisors can see and manage all skills and agents effectively and efficiently. Supervisors can easily customize the skill and agent metrics that matter to their team and the business, see the current states of their agents (i.e., if they’re logged in, on Do Not Disturb and the appropriate busy reason code, or on a contact center call), and manage their agents’ states such as taking an agent on or off of Do Not Disturb. Supervisors can also see which calls are in queue and assign them to agents who are ready.

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