Ag Workers

We needed to act swiftly to enable our employees to work from home with the ability to make and receive calls, just as if they were in the office. Our account manager quickly replied with several options for us to choose from. After we decided which option was best for us, the support team quickly applied licenses for our users, configured their accounts to use Avaya IX Workplace, and showed us how to use the Workplace app. Our employees were taking calls from home in no time! We would not have been able to facilitate our Work From Home plan without the assistance of the Agility team.

Bryan H, Director of IT at AG Workers

Brackett & Ellis, P.C.

Although our firm has an older telephone system, AgilityCG has always been there for us with a timely solution. Their service technicians are a gem. They are very knowledgeable about our system, and on more than one occasion, they’ve been able to talk me through a procedure that solved our problem. Their ability to talk me through procedures has saved us both time and money.

Kathy G, IT Contact at Brackett & Ellis, P.C.

Calyx Software

Hands Down AgilityCG is a top notch company!!! To start off, our Solutions Consultant is the best sales rep I ever had. I love calling her because I know at the end of our conversation whatever issue I had she will make sure it gets addressed or will provide a solution for it. Then, there’s the implementation engineer, he did an amazing job of installing our phone systems in all of our three locations. This guy knows the Avaya products inside and out, so every chance I get I make it a point to pick this man’s brain. When calling in for support, it’s hardly ever a wait to get someone and when I do they typically know what the problem is and resolve the issue quickly so I can get on with my day. The support engineers have all helped me get out of some tough jams. I really don’t know what we would do without those guys. The Support agreement with those gentlemen on the support team is worth its weight in gold. It’s the best insurance policy you can have when dealing with these Avaya products. And finally, Erin and her leadership, helps pull all the different areas of service together. Whenever we have a project in mind Erin steps in and puts all the players in place and makes sure the project is on the road of success. We are very happy with their services and highly recommend them as your Avaya Provider. The whole staff are truly great people and a pleasure to work with.

Edward M, System Engineer at Calyx Software

Century Mechanical Contractors

It has been a pleasure working with our Solutions Consultant at Agility Communications. He has worked since day one to not only get us the best pricing for our new equipment, but has strived to give us fair trade in value for our old phone system. He has continued to stay in contact with us, and I look forward to a long relationship together.

Chad K, IT Manager at Century Mechanical Contractors

Challenger Freight Systems

We chose Agility to supply our new Avaya phone system, in no small part because of the strong referral provided by our IT group. This decision was a good one. All deadlines were met or completed prior to requirement, and communication among all parties was very detailed and appropriate. The install coincided with a cutover from a previous phone service provider to a new one, including a migration from T1 to dedicated fiber. This proved to be no problem for Agility.

3 months post install, I can still contact my Solutions Consultant and be sure to get a same day response. I have dealt with several phone vendors and manufacturers over my career, and can say without a doubt that Agility has a plan in place that places a premium on customer service.

Randy C, Vice President of Challenger Freight Systems

City of Beeville

You and your team have worked hard throughout our phone system installation and your dedication has paid off. Thank you for your passion and positive attitude. People like you are the personification of professionalism and excellent customer service.

Sal G, IT Services Department at City of Beeville

Colorado Living

I want to thank the entire AgilityCG team for the hard work and consistent support provided to us here at Colorado Living. There are many challenges that have come up throughout the years and a solution has always been provided. Everyone that I have worked with has been professional and courteous but moreover, they have shown that they care. I can’t express how irreplaceable that last trait is in the customer support world. I would highly recommend the services provided by AgilityCG not just because they are reliable but also for the team that backs them. Thank you all for the continued support, I look forward to many more years with this partnership!

Joe P, System Administrator at Colorado Living

Cushman & Wakefield

Agility helped us transition our entire phone system over the past 9 months. This was a huge project because it involved over 50 lines, over 30 phones, in 4 buildings, including our entire Security Operations Center and Emergency Call Boxes. It has been a very long and involved process but the Agility team has helped us the whole way. We started off knowing NOTHING about phones, where any of our lines were, what we were using, or what we needed. Agility patiently explained everything to us (about 6 times) so we could understand. Throughout the entire process I felt like I could pick up the phone and call any of 10 different people at anytime. If the person I called didn’t have the answer, they would tell me who would know. Since the installation I have emailed the support desk at least once a day it seems, and I always hear back very quickly and our issues are resolved promptly. We are very grateful for Agility’s help during this tough transition time, you all made it much easier on our end. Thank you for everything!!

Paige W,  Assistant Property Manager at Cushman & Wakefield

Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District

We always enjoy working with Agility here at DCURD. The Solution Consultants are a true pleasure to work with and always have a positive attitude. Any questions we have are always answered promptly and thoroughly. We appreciate all of the information they have given us on all of the options Agility has to offer.

AgilityCG is always helpful and prompt with anything we send their way! I always know it will get done correctly when I reach out.

Thanks again for all Agility has done for DCURD!

Heidi B,  Assistant Property Tax Collector at Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District

Dallas LIFE

Dallas LIFE has used AgilityCG for the past 8 years now. Their customer service and technical staff have always been extremely helpful to our organization. We appreciate AgilityCG a great deal because they always lookout for the best interest of our ministry by providing quality solutions. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help accommodate our specific needs. We would definitely recommend AgilityCG to anyone seeking to develop or upgrade their communications network

John K, Director of Operations at Dallas LIFE

Decision Analyst

I really enjoy working with everyone on the Agility Project Team. They really listened to our requirements and setup a phone system that incorporated our numbers, routes, and rules from our old phone system. Engineers visited our campus for specifications, reviewed our network, and were on-site during implementation.

Agility continuously provides us with great service. Support is always available to help us improve our system and resolve any issue. I continue to keep in touch with my original Solutions Engineer and learn using the resources available on their website and support web portal.

Kevin P, CIO at Decision Analyst

Diodes, Inc.

Working with Agility has been a blessing in disguise. From the moment we first sat down for our introductory meeting, until now, Agility has been a first class operation. Our assigned Team is highly knowledgeable and always prompt, courteous and professional.

We here at Diodes, Incorporated had a global 5-digit extension dialing phone integration plan that was fairly complex, including physical PBX appliances to VM conversions. Agility lead us to success within our scheduled time frame. The project spanned 4 countries over our private VPLS network. Now we can connect to any of our global sites by simply dialing the appropriate extension… Joy!

Rick L, IT Infrastructure Manager at Diodes, Inc.


You guys were spot-on in grasping the solution I am looking for. Not only that, you guys are fun to work with! We’ve partnered with Agility on telecommunications solutions for the past eight years and have found you all to be great. I’m so happy to be partnering with you as we build our telecommunications solutions for the future.

Bruce F – Executive Director at DRC

Eagle Metal Products

I’ve built trust in Agility as I’ve gotten to know Erin and the talent she employs. The Agility engineers are very knowledgeable, and they’ve assisted us extensively throughout the year with multiple projects and normal end-user issues. A few examples below:

1. Suggested a vendor and assisted with getting call reporting active on our phone system
2. Upgraded our main hardware modules from IP400 to IP500 V2
3. Configured Power User licensing for our users
4. Configured auto-attendant with call routing for multiple departments
5. Assisted our remote users when their phone won’t connect via VPN

There are many more cases where we’ve been assisted, and these are only a handful that range from critical work, to user issues. We’re appreciative of both and applaud the job Agility does for us.

Rudy D, IT Manager Eagle Metal Products

Employee Retirement Fund of the City of Dallas

We originally selected to go with AgilityCG due to their fit with us.  They are not so large as to lose us within their own operations, and not so small as to be deficient in ability.The support staff is very knowledgeable and always there to answer our questions and quick to respond to our needs. In addition, AgilityCG keeps us informed of new features and trends taking place and the user forums are always very valuable.  Many years later we are still with them, affirming our initial choice.

Jason T − Senior IT Analyst at Employee Retirement Fund of the City of Dallas

Fort Worth Heart

Being in the business of Health Care, effective telecommunications are critical to our daily process of providing quality care for cardiac patients. I have worked with Agility Communications Group at 2 different physician groups and have found their solutions to perform at a high level for us. Technical Support has rarely been needed but when it is, they are only a phone call away with the resolution. I highly recommend Agility Communications Group for your business, healthcare or otherwise.

Garry B, Chief Operating Officer at Fort Worth Heart

GSR Andrade Architects

GSR Andrade is very happy with the sales and service that Agility has provided us! We bought our original system from Agility approximately 9 years ago and recently had them install a system-wide upgrade. As before, they were very organized and prepared on the day of the installation, and the work went quickly and smoothly. We highly recommend Agility!

Jan L, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at GSR Andrade Architects

HBS Systems

We are very happy to have chosen Agility as our technology partner. We researched many different brands and service providers before making our choice. AgilityCG did an excellent job of getting to know us, the issues we were trying to overcome, and then educating us on the best solutions to fit our needs. Our lead installer did an outstanding job of making the transition as seamless as possible for our company. After 6 months of use I can easily say that the new phone system combined with the Vuesion software has made our company more efficient and elevated our customer support to a new level. Thanks Agility!

Chad S, Vice President of Operations at HBS Systems

Improved Petroleum Recovery

I wish to thank Agility for being with us during the upgrade of our IP Office equipment. Your Sales Team was able to keep our upgrade cost to a manageable level. Having knowledge of our configuration and existing equipment eliminated purchasing equipment and services we didn’t need, which demonstrated integrity and honesty, keeping us as customers for these last 10 years.
As I was working with your team in the upgrade process I got to see firsthand how much experience is needed in order to make this technology work. I was very impressed by the dedication they showed in their efforts to get everything working within the time period allocated, so as to limit the amount of time we would be without phone service.

I especially appreciate the patience shown to me as we dealt with the issues of changing to a completely new technology (new for us that is.) We have gone from an analog PBX to a Digital PBX and finally to VoIP. This last one was the most challenging one for me (I admit I tested the patience of everyone around me). To your companies credit no one made a negative remark in reply. Always polite and helpful. Thank you.

Whether I am working on Computers or Networks I hate mixing older equipment with the new. Sometimes it is necessary and I have to work through the issues. We had a bit more of our share of older equipment that we wanted to keep, bringing with it a fair share of challenges. What I appreciated the most (stress wise) was Agility’s mediation between my phone company and me. Working with a major phone company is a challenge in itself. Working with one while utilizing a new service with that company can be frightful. It demonstrated the importance of a competent and skilled sales representative working for you.

All of this demonstrates Agility Communications Group as a premier installer of telephone systems.

Wade M, IT Manager at Improved Petroleum Recovery


I want to thank you all of Agility for just an outstanding experience.

Agility Communications and Inprov LLC have partnered together for approximately nine years now. Those years have seen tremendous changes in our business both in its size and locations, through complete system change outs, multi-site installs, analog to T1 upgrades, provider switchovers, expansion of services, and environmental outages. Agility has always been there with strong unwavering support, days, nights, weekends, and even holidays. Sales support has innovative ideas and works tirelessly in helping us control costs. Throughout your organization, customer service is an obvious priority.

I can’t wait to see what the next nine years brings to our relationship!

Charlie S, IT Director at Inprov

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

“Thank you” to Agility Communications Group for their help and services in securing the best possible solution for our organization.

AgilityCG worked tirelessly with us to make sure we had the best needs for our telephone system.

It is such a positive experience when you have people that will work with you for your communication needs. While visiting with another client near the Austin area, our Solutions Consultant took the time to come by our office and introduce himself. That gesture goes a long way. The engineer team have been so patient and helpful and I am so pleased that they will be our problem solver should an issue arise in the future.

Thank you Agility for making my job easier.

Ann P, Office Manager at International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

IWERK Networking & Custom Software

As consultants for our clients we are constantly looking for trusted vendors that will help our clients solve their problems or address their needs. Iwerk began working with Agility Communications Group in October 2009 and we’ve been very pleased with high level of professionalism Agility has demonstrated. On several occasions we’ve had clients that have needed to upgrade or replace their existing phones systems and Agility has taken the time to understand our client’s needs and business in order to provide a solution that exceeds their expectations.

Iwerk takes great pride in our client relationships and we only work with quality vendors; Agility stands out as a trusted vendor and someone we feel very comfortable bringing our customers to. We’ve enjoyed the success we’ve attained with Agility and look forward to doing more business with your company in the future.

Thank you and may there be many more successes in the future.

Rob T, President at IWERK Networking & Custom Software

Lena Pope Home

Our company has been working with Agility Communications Group for several years. The installation of our telecommunication equipment was everything they said it would be, and to get to their support group is easy and fast. Any of our support issues have been resolved in just a couple of hours. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Buster B, Director of Properties at Lena Pope Home

Peacock Alley

Peacock Alley is a family owned and operated business. As we were faced with rapid internal changes the Agility support team moved quickly to modify our telephone systems to reflect the changes that have been occurring in our company on a weekly basis. Given that our phone systems often act as the first line of communication, this has been a crucial part of keeping our customers up to speed.

Jason N, CEO at Peacock Alley

Quality Aspirators

As a company who values quality products and customer service we seek out vendors who share the same values. Years ago we chose Agility to upgrade our entire phone system and they made the transition painless for us. Our business depends on a reliable phone system with hassle-free management and Agility handles it with ease. They consistently provide excellent customer service and lightning fast response times on all of our upgrades and support requests. We highly recommend them!

Shane H, Director of Information Services at Quality Aspirators

Recovery Resource Council

Recovery Resource Council is a non-profit agency serving more than 13 counties, it was important for us to find a new phone system that we could afford and would meet our growing needs. Our system at the time was little more that two tin cans connected with string when we started to research the possibility of a new system.

After meeting with our Agility sales representative, we were convinced that the Avaya IP Office was right for us. We envisioned a system that would allow the receptionist to see if staff was on the phone and if they had messages. We also wanted to have remote access and the ability to transfer to cell phones. We entertained bids from three other companies, but the Avaya IP Office came out on top.

Once the decision was made to go with the Agility Communications Group things moved very fast. We could not believe how supportive the Agility team was and how they addressed all of our concerns. From the paperwork to contacting our service carrier, our service rep was a part of every decision offering suggestions and advice.

The installation went just as smoothly as we had been promised, and the training was even better than we expected. Our installer/trainer was attentive to our individual needs and concerns and explained our new system so we were up and running from day one.

Recovery Resource Council is secure in knowing that IP Office will support our telephone needs for the years to come. We would recommend Agility Communications Group to any business looking for new technology to improve their business communications.

Margie H, Administrative Supervisor/ HRA at Recovery Resource Council

RGT Wealth Advisors

AgilityCG  has served our telecommunication needs for 7 years.  Their technical staff is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly, responsive. The sales support is second to none, and also very responsive and flexible.   I have and will continue to recommend AgilityCG to anyone who no longer wants to be burdened with supporting their phone system.

Chris L, IT Manager at RGT Wealth Advisors

Sabine County Hospital

I would like to commend the AgilityCG team for the outstanding job they did here at our hospital and clinics as well with the installation and training. They handled everything professionally and their customer service attitude towards all of our requests and changes made this whole transition extremely successful. I am very pleased with our new system—it’s easy to use and we have gotten nothing but positive comments from our staff. I am glad we chose your company to provide our new phone system and I know that the features will make our operations that much better.

Thank you and we express our gratitude for your expertise at our facility.

Diana T, Administrator at Sabine County Hospital

Saxet Petroleum, Inc.

I have really enjoyed working with Agility for our telecommunications needs. Our Solutions Consultant was extremely friendly and helpful when it came time to upgrade our phone system. The process went very smoothly. It’s because of the service we get from people like her that we have stayed with Agility all these years.

Amy P, Controller at Saxet Petroleum, Inc.


Agility Communications Group is our go to for any telecommunications need. They are always competitively priced and offer outstanding service. There have been multiple times where we approached our solutions consultant with work we needed done on very, very tight deadlines and each time their team have gotten us the results we needed within the necessary time frame. AgilityCG is very responsive when we have any questions we need answered and we know we can count on them for results.

Mike O, IT Systems Analyst at SomnoMed


I would like to sincerely thank you for a fantastic installation experience last week at our Cole Ave. retail location. I always dread phone system installations and conversions because they can be fraught with problems. Our first time out with Agility went off without a hitch and was easily the most “pain-free” phone installation experience I have been involved with.

Successful phone installations require so many puzzle pieces to align-your people clearly have the process down to a science. They took the time to understand how calls flowed through our organization and designed an implementation that mirrored this flow and enhanced our call handling capabilities. Agility addressed every aspect of our project-from coordinating our circuit conversion with the phone company, to making sure they understood all of our extension locations , line appearances, voicemail needs.as well as a multitude of other variables that I never would have considered without their prompting. This was a well planned and well executed installation.

Thank you for your time and effort in making sure we purchased the right system to fit our current needs and our growth plans for the future. Both the Avaya IP Office and your service have exceeded my expectations.

I am looking forward to converting our remaining locations with Agility ‘s expert assistance!

Daniel H, Director of Information Technology at Starpower

Stephens & Associates, Inc.

I first contacted Agility Communications Group in December of 2006. We were collecting bids to have a new phone system installed for our offices in two locations (Dallas, TX & Colorado Springs, CO). We were very impressed by the Avaya IP Office product and Agility ensured us that their pricing was aggressive and competitive. With the Avaya’s strong standing in the market and Agility Communications Group’s competitive pricing, it made our decision very easy.

Our time line was very tight as, we were also scheduling a new service provider in conjunction with the new phone system installation. The Agility Communications Group was instrumental in helping to plan and help with infrastructure issues. They also worked with the new carrier to help with the installation and insured that all users of the new phone system were properly trained. In addition to user training, there was someone specifically assigned to each of our receptionist to ensure that the transition was easy. All the while, these services were being coordinated between both sites. Due to IP scheme issues on our network there were several problems that needed to be addressed.

Agility Communications Group technicians spent several days troubleshooting and making recommendations to help resolve issues caused by the IP schemes. After helping to identify the problems, they worked side by side with me to configure the IP Office system to work with our new IP scheme. If it were not for Agility Communications Group’s attention to detail and commitment to customer service, this project could have been a complete disaster. Instead, the transition was practically seamless to our end users. If I, or anyone I knew, were to have any communication needs, Agility Communications Group would be who I call or recommend.

Dale H, Network Administrator at Stephens & Associates, Inc.

Texas Retina Associates

I want to let the whole team at Agility know how appreciative I have been this year for everyone’s help and support. I was given the challenge by my employer to take on a new position in managing our phone systems along with opening a call center. Over a decade ago I was a call center manager at a previous job so I had experience in that aspect. To build it from the ground up was a new experience for me and as we all know technology has advanced greatly in that time. Our Solutions Consultant helped arrange training for me and Agility Support had to deal with me asking a “billion” questions. I am sure they were tired of hearing “why” all of the time. Agility Support was very patient with me when at the beginning it sounded like they were speaking a foreign language and they ultimately helped me get the call center off the ground and running. I have gotten to know more of the support team on multiple levels and have always had a good experience.

Now as we approach the end of 2016 we will be finishing a major overhaul of our phone system which was much needed and begin to move forward in our expansion of our call center in 2017.

Jana S, Patient Services Manager at Texas Retina Associates

Tonti Properties

Tonti has partnered with Agility communications because we found their expertise in telecommunications to be the best around. Also, we believe the value of the products Agility offers are always competitive in our market.

Chris H, IT Director at Tonti Properties

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

AgilityCG has been one of our most important and reliable vendors for over seven years. We are currently planning major changes to our phone system and they are providing budget information and technical preparation for that move. They recently helped with a complicated (to us) circuit switch which was successfully completed with minimal disruption to our phone system. They also provide excellent, convenient and timely support as needed via their customer portal.

We identified Agility Communications as a potential vendor in 2009 when we were preparing to replace a Nortel PBX system with a VOIP system. The Nortel system was 10 years old and although it was functional we needed to update our entire communications system.

We developed an RFP for the new system and met with at least four local vendors to hear proposals on a new system. Agility Communications, Inc. was far and away the top choice when all factors were considered. The actual installation and cut-over were carefully planned over the course of several weeks and went flawlessly over a Friday and a couple of hours on a Saturday. For the almost five years since we adopted the system, Agility has been one of our top vendors when price, performance, reliability and customer service are considered. Their support staff has been exceptional.

The staff at Agility has also helped us with some specialized conferencing systems in specific needs meeting rooms. To date, Agility has been involved with at least four additional special upgrades/additions to our phone system. They have always been easy to schedule work, very price competitive, knowledgeable and efficient. Their user meetings are very helpful in keeping up with the latest trends in basic service and organizational communications.

We deal with scores of vendors in our IT and daily Building Operations and I can comfortably say that Agility Communications, Inc. is one of our top five vendors. We know we can rely on Agility to be there to meet our needs and we hope for a long and productive business relationship with them.

Dan A, Director of Operations and Facilities Management at United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Valley-Wide Health Systems

The reason we chose Agility Communications Group is they listen. They listened to our needs and concerns and presented a product that met those needs. They weren’t just looking to sell us a system that they wanted but the solution we needed. That immediately put Agility ahead of their competitors. Agility also helped guide us through some of the technology changes we would need to make to be successful- they didn’t leave us to figure that out ourselves. Agility has been a strong partner in our implementation of our new phone system. They made it clear that our success is their success so they provided us with on-site, training and technical assistance to maximize our resources and decrease the stress and anxiety that often comes with change. Agility has become a trusted partner and ally to our organization

Larry H, IT at Valley-Wide Health Systems

Venture Mechanical, Inc.

The idea of switching to a whole new phone system for 50 office employees is daunting enough. It wasn’t something any of us were looking forward to. Luckily we placed our trust in Agility to pull us through the task. From the first sales quote to the last phone setup, they were with us every step of the way. Even at random hours, we always felt like the Agility went above and beyond to get any issue sorted out and put us back on track.

Andrew G, IT Administrator at Venture Mechanical, Inc.


We had 15+ users request to have their desk phones forwarded to their cell phones. The forwarding tasks were carried out in a prompt, curious and professional manner. Thank you to the Agility team for helping make the transition from office to remote work so smooth!

Taylor B, Technical Specialist at VitalSmarts

Winstead Attorneys

Agility has helped us at every data and voice circuit turn we have encountered. They have removed the headache of putting circuits out to bid and have done a great job of leveraging their position in the industry to get rates we could never obtain on our own. Every change, from branch office backup circuits to large scale multi-gigabit point to point circuits, always goes to Agility first because of our confidence in their ability to find the right carrier that can fit in our budget and meet our installation timelines.
After the contracts are signed and the lines are installed, the service never stops. Agility continually champions our needs and does everything they can to ensure that we’re treated fairly by our voice and data providers. In what can sometimes be a difficult battle with large providers, we feel very fortunate to have Agility on our side to help escalate issues and get to a resolution quickly.

Pat M, Sr. Enterprise Systems Manager at Winstead Attorneys

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