Tips on Adopting a New Technology


Have you ever mistakenly inserted a USB-A into a USB-C port? For instance, you bought a new laptop with a USB-C port, and upon getting home, you hankered to connect it to a screen extender but couldn’t do so because you forgot to purchase a cable compatible with both devices. A similar scenario happens when […]

Enabling Remote Work with Microsoft 365

The rapid transition to remote work has blown away many businesses. Companies like Google and Twitter imposed a work-from-home policy extending until next year. Some are even thinking of fully embracing WFH permanently. Ever since telecommuting emerged, many were left scratching their heads wondering where to begin, what tools they need, and how to adapt […]

Common Misconceptions about Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has provided great relief for businesses and IT professionals in managing workflow efficiently. Awareness and demand for the cloud are continuously growing, but some are influenced by misconceptions. Let’s breakdown the myths and misconceptions about cloud technology: