Tips on Adopting a New Technology


Have you ever mistakenly inserted a USB-A into a USB-C port? For instance, you bought a new laptop with a USB-C port, and upon getting home, you hankered to connect it to a screen extender but couldn’t do so because you forgot to purchase a cable compatible with both devices. A similar scenario happens when […]

Cloud Communication as a Driver of Business Growth

World communications have shifted from a telephone and mail-based system to a model that relies on real-time digital communications. Businesses and customers find each other through online, always-on connectivity. Websites, e-commerce, social media, and digital apps are accessed through computers and smart mobile devices, often the first interaction in the sales process. You are quickly […]

VPN Security: How to Prevent Cybersecurity Attacks

In a post-pandemic world, businesses of all sizes are embracing remote work policies. As a result, many employees use mobile devices to do work and stay productive. Companies now harness the power of virtual private networks (VPNs) to keep their business and employees safe. But with the rise of VPNs, cybercriminals are starting to attack […]