How Do You Reduce Your Cyber Security Risks?

There are multiple ways malicious cyber attacks can infiltrate your organization. Recent global cyber breaches help to underscore the importance of taking precautionary measures to ensure your system doesn’t fall victim. When it comes to cybersecurity, what can you do to diminish your risks?

Cybersecurity Risks and The Dark Web

Bad news. Cybercrime continues to rise and is becoming more costly to organizations. The “bad guys” are continuously working to find new ways to access your network and data. It isn’t a coincidence that at a time when companies are harnessing more digital technologies, more organizations are falling victim to attacks. New technologies offer new potential openings […]

What to Do When Your Business Is Hit with Ransomware

Imagine waking up to an unfamiliar wallpaper on your desktop, prompting you to pay up or else your data will be permanently deleted. What will you do? Don’t panic. Deliberate is fast, and with the clock ticking, you need to move precisely to limit the damage. Ransomware is one of the oldest kinds of malware that […]