Network Assessment Critical to VoIP Success

The high demand in business continuity and flexibility has driven most businesses to move into the cloud while others are taking advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). 79% of businesses today have at least a single VoIP powered communication in one of their locations. VoIP enables an organization to have a centralized form of communication that circulates messages easier among employees and clients. Businesses get frustrated about broken and choppy calls. Most forget to identify the root cause of their communication […]

Communication Tools You Need For Remote Work

As we face the devastating health effects of the coronavirus, companies are put on the spot to deploy remote working protocols and policies quickly. Business owners are prompt to invest in tools that enable your organization to stay connected while practicing social distancing protocols to help contain the coronavirus spread. Even though remote working has been […]

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Telecom Service

A salesperson was on a conference call with his potential client. During his pitch, their office network suddenly shut down. He lost his connection as well as the multi-deal contract because of network interruption. You probably have a network uncertainty story too. Whether you are on the road or at work‚ attending an online meeting or on a phone call‚ […]