Business Continuity: Establishing RTO and RPO

Many businesses have backup and disaster recovery plans in place. But often, those traditional strategies are not enough to keep you protected from data and financial loss. An intelligent business continuity plan will help prevent catastrophic losses in the face of disruption. Business continuity planning (BCP) is not optional. If there is an unplanned service disruption, […]

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud: What’s the Right Answer?

Cloud computing is not new. For years technology vendors have buzzed about the unlimited potential of moving applications to the cloud. As companies have spent more time working with cloud solutions, problems and solutions have emerged. While most businesses have adopted the public cloud for at least one of their enterprise applications or customer-facing solutions; […]

Why Small Businesses Are Investing in Cloud Inventory Management


Migrating to a cloud solution is one of the quickest and easiest ways for a small business to get up to speed and begin running alongside and competing with bigger companies. In the past, only the richest companies could afford the latest software. But the cloud, with its subscription-based scalability, puts small businesses in the […]