Questions to Ask When Selecting a Telecom Service

A salesperson was on a conference call with his potential client. During his pitch, their office network suddenly shut down. He lost his connection as well as the multi-deal contract because of a network interruption. You probably have a network uncertainty story too. Whether you are on the road or at work‚ attending an online meeting or on a phone […]

Telecom Trends and Impacts to Businesses

There is a new jargon, buzzword, and other perplexing terms that arise every year. Telecommunications is one of the industries that amp up our lives. As a major contributor to how we connect today, telecom companies constantly seize new technologies to offer better services. Here are the top trends in telecommunications today.  

Three Essentials to Stay Connected during a Crisis

Disasters affect how we live and work. It comes in unprecedented ways that prompt planning and preparation ahead of time. During a crisis, many businesses grapple to keep their operations running smoothly. Some are ordered to work from home, and some are laid off. Allowing remote workers is a way to go for businesses to operate at […]