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Small businesses represent the 43% of cyberattacks. As data that lives on digital technologies become more omnipresent, demand for cybersecurity program has grown tremendously.

Small business owners in Seattle tend to address cybersecurity concerns when they arise—a response costlier than ever. A Managed Cybersecurity Service gives small businesses access to security tools that prevent an attack and a potential opening for hackers.

Managed IT Security Roadmap

Align security protocols and optimize your overall cybersecurity posture. Our Seattle cybersecurity experts will work with you in developing a cybersecurity strategy.

Dark Web Monitoring

Protect your company against the dangers of the dark web. If your business data ends up on the dark web, our Seattle cybersecurity specialist will alert and add additional encryption.

System Access Visibility

Monitor and control your system with an easy and simple dashboard. Our Seattle cybersecurity specialists use the best tools to ensure no threat can harm your business.

Remote Cybersecurity Support

Guaranteed 24/7 cybersecurity support for your remote employees. Our Seattle cybersecurity professionals act fast on threats and risks.

Multi-layered Approach

We customize a multi-layer defense system against high risks threats. We guarantee your systems are secure with effective technologies.

Data Backup and Protection

Sensitive company files are backed up and applied with layers of security. Our Seattle disaster recovery team ensure backups are updated regularly.


Deploy a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

Investing in digital resources has become an integral part of business success. There are more ways to gather insights on customer information, more efficient ways to track sales, and more effective ways to connect with your team anywhere. While these developments boost your organization's productivity, they open up newer and complex cybersecurity threats. Deploy a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that safeguards your network, system, and program from unprecedented attacks.

Keep your data away from threats.

No business is the same. Every cybersecurity plan we recommend to Seattle small businesses are unique. At BlackPoint IT, we customize your cybersecurity strategy based from where your business currently stands. We monitor your systems on a daily basis to match security protocols with the changes in your business.


Work with a Seattle Managed Cybersecurity Provider.

Service Desk Team

Take advantage of having a full cybersecurity service desk. We provide support around the clock where the team uses the best-in-class tools, activity tracking systems, and ticket management technologies.

Operational Continuity and Disaster Relief

Viruses, malware, and cyberattacks can interrupt your company's operations. With a managed security team, you don't need to worry about downtime and backups. Our dedicated team keeps your Seattle business safe and running at all times without extra costs.

Get a cyber risk assessment.

The first step in safeguarding data is jumping on a cybersecurity assessment. A cybersecurity assessment offers effective solutions to mitigate threats ahead of time and protect information.

Network, servers, infrastructure, and software are thoroughly examined. Data collected from the audit is translated into actionable insights.

As cyber attacks become more unpredictable, cybersecurity assessments ensure defense mechanisms are strong enough to combat the underlying threats around the digital space.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. When an organization puts cyber defenses in place, most of the time it’s not maintained. Managed IT security services monitor and update systems regularly.

It depends. The cybersecurity environment is getting more complicated each day. We conduct a penetration testing  to identify whether your existing technology works against cyber threats.

With partnering with a cybersecurity provider, you have access to:

  • SMART Threat intelligence
  • Enterprise-class suite of cybersecurity technologies
  • Security Operating Centers
  • Team of experts

These will help free up your IT security team and let the cybersecurity firm take care of the strategic security projects needed to proactively safeguard your data and infrastructure.

BlackPoint IT has a client dashboard that exhibits what is happening between your systems in real-time. If there are concerns, we have a 24/7 helpdesk that will process and evaluate your issues promptly. 

Get managed IT services
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Get managed IT services
for your business.