Seattle Managed Cloud Services

Your trusted Managed Cloud Service Provider in Seattle

Maintaining on-premise servers alone is expensive and cumbersome. Hiring a managed cloud service provider guarantees that you have control over your cloud resources and they run efficiently across your infrastructure. A cloud managed service provider covers all your bases minus the cost of hiring and training. Start enhancing your business operations and reduce complexity for accelerated growth.


Multi-tenant Cloud Management

Share resources in both a private and public cloud. Our Seattle cloud experts will help you navigate through the complexities of having a multi-tenant cloud.

Cloud Management and Configuration

Gain more control over you public, private or even hybrid cloud systems. Our Seattle cloud architects will bring in administrative visibility over your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Compliance and Security

Achieve standard to advanced government and security compliance regulations. Our Seattle cloud engineers ensure that your cloud systems meet compliance requirements—from policies, procedures, and technologies.

Application Integration

Connects various applications, systems, repositories, and IT environments for a real-time exchange of data and processes. We guarantee your business, people, processes, and technology can integrate seamlessly with one another.

Support Service Desk

Call us anytime if you need a hand. Our Seattle service support team is available 24/7 to troubleshoot unprecedented issues.

Managed Disaster Recovery

Choose from a variety of backup solutions for your business and receive full support from trusted cloud experts.


Migrate from a legacy system to the Cloud.

We start by mapping out a migration process that makes sense for your organization. Our cloud architects lay out an easy-to-follow blueprint where you can picture the end goal and plan of moving from a legacy system to a virtual data storage.

Fine-tune your cloud environment efficiently.

As a leading Managed Cloud Service Provider in Seattle, BlackPoint IT has learned that when it comes to cloud technology, there is a no one size fits all solution. Service requirements are unique, so should your cloud technology model. Our Seattle Cloud Consultants will work closely with you to come up with a tailored solution that provides value throughout your cloud lifecycle.


Partner with a Seattle Managed Cloud Provider.

Achieve better ROI on your Cloud services

Choosing the right cloud tools is crucial. No matter where they work or what devices they us, you need to be able to provide them with uninterrupted. We ensure your systems are integrated across your set of applications and platform 24/7. When we partner with you, you have full control over your systems, we are your backend implementors.

Cloud incident management and response

Each customer has an individual assigned to address any concern or issue around-the-clock. Our assigned professional documents and monitors how your systems are working and serve as the go-to person for system support.

Cloud transition

Leverage the value of uninterrupted transitions or migrations. Our team of cloud experts specializes in design, migration, and management. We’ll work with you to make the transition of your legacy system easy and smooth.

Reasons to get a cloud assessment.

The first step in digital transformation is examining whether a modern cloud solution fits your current IT infrastructure. 

Opting for a cloud assessment will ensure that your organization’s processes and technology can integrate seamlessly. 

During a cloud assessment, areas such as your servers, applications, security protocol and more are tested and assessed. Insights drawn from the evaluation are mapped out, allowing your business to recognize issues before fully implementing your desired cloud solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Many Seattle businesses are ramping up their digitalization efforts that has helped improve business agility and flexibility. 

With investing in a managed cloud service, you give your staff a more flexible working arrangement that could reduce your costs. Moreover, having a managed cloud provider beside you gives you more focus on your operations. You don’t have to worry about deploying new integrations, patching new security loopholes and more.


Yes. One of the main reasons why a companies choose to hire managed cloud service provider is to reduce and maximize their spending in the cloud. Cloud managed service providers eliminates the need for hiring a seasonal maintenance for your cloud servers which eliminates about 50% of your cloud costs.

Every managed cloud service provider have basic security protocols and strategies in place to protect your cloud environment. You can opt to enhance your cybersecurity barriers depending on your desired agreement.

Yes.  Our cloud specialist will guide you in implementing your desired cloud environment. But first we need to access whether your networks can withstand and carry these environments.

Take the first step in your cloud journey.

Take the first step in your cloud journey.