Portland Microsoft Support Services

Portland Microsoft Support Services

Let a certified Microsoft Partner in Portland
do the heavy lifting.

Microsoft Certified Partners in Portland exist to bring their technical expertise to small businesses. As a Microsoft Solutions Provider, we know the work arounds within the space. Portland companies who choose us see positive results on data security, app management, and entire operations. We establish the right foundation for your business.

Office 365 Migration

Portland certified Microsoft consultants and engineers work on your migration from planning to deployment. You'll be looped in every stage of the process.

Admin Center Support

Secure sensitive data with a role-based structure. You can assign business functions to the right employees with the Admin Center. We'll help with the execution part.

Identity Management

Manage user access in a central location. You can control every employee's permission level across Office 365 apps.

App Management

Only license the apps you need and based on the employee's role. It improves productivity while diminishing operational costs.

Training and Onboarding

Portland Certified Microsoft Trainers will prepare you for utilizing and managing Office 365 like a pro. We offer a full stack of resources to get you up to speed.

Compliance Center

Compliance standards help protect your data. We'll probe your current process, recommend, and apply the requirements for a better compliance posture.

Lavish on Premium Microsoft Support
for companies in Portland.

Microsoft Gold Partner in Portland

A Microsoft CSP gives you privileged support, a high quality customer care, and the latest updates. You’ll stay informed on what’s happening around O365 all the time.

24/7 Portland Service Desk

A dedicated team monitors the activities around your Office 365 environment. We alert you upon locating an anomaly and address it right away.

Choose a plan with expert advice
from a Certified Microsoft Partner.

Choose a plan with expert advice from a Certified Microsoft Partner.

Use business applications at ease.

Certified technical specialists can deploy business applications without disrupting your operations. As a Microsoft CSP, we've worked with hundreds of clients in delivering complex projects. Our initial assessment gives us an idea on the right way of installing and integrating applications. Upon setup, we train your employees on how to use these tools.


Create a unified system across organizational levels.

A common issue decision-makers run into is system siloes. If you yearn for a streamlined process, enabling systems to speak with each other tremendously improves operational efficiency. We build a custom API between your Office systems and third-party tools for data visibility. This way, each team can collaborate with each other effectively and track metrics at ease.

Keep your business flexible with work setups.

Full-time office employees, remote, or hybrid, that depends on the digital resources provided to your workforce. Employees expect to work from anywhere on any device. While you think of a remote policy, we'll set the proper stage for your employees. This includes strategy, information flow, remote structure, and applications.

Leverage enterprise solutions priced
at a small business-friendly cost.


Business solutions with a premium support

Enjoy high grade end-to-end experience while working with our Microsoft Certified Trainers, Consultants, and Engineers. We’ll make sure you reach your ROI in no time.

End-to-end services for your Portland business needs

Any scope of work—migration, management, support, integration—we’ll get it done for you. You’ll gain access to a visual dashboard that serves as a reporting tool on our progress and efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been in the industry for more than 40 years now. That’s also how long we’ve been a Microsoft Partner in Seattle. 

Certainly. We present key performance indicators during the project kickoff. You’ll have a visual dashboard to track our progress.

You may check out the case studies on here.

It boils down to the specifics of your budget, company size, and technology requirements. Contact us for a free consultation.

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You choose an Office plan,
we execute and onboard your employees.

You choose an Office plan,
we execute and onboard your employees.