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With the plethora of information the need for running your Portland business on an intelligent data center has been more important that ever. With a managed cloud service, you can access various cloud services designed to help your business reach greater heights. You gain access to a holistic cloud service solution that can improve your systems with ease without the complexities of doing it alone. With BlackPoint IT’s full-service cloud management solution, we have the manpower and expertise to help you with cloud strategy and monitor your cloud-based environment.

Cloud Implementation

Our Portland cloud specialists will guide you in customizing your cloud solution to meet your requirements on time and within budget.

Cloud Managed Migration

We take out the complexity and risks by migrating off the on-premise environment with our Portland cloud engineers.

Cloud Security

Simplify and strengthen your cloud security protocols. Our Portland cloud specialists will customize your own set of policies and technologies that will protect your data and infrastructure around the clock.

Cloud Support

We have a 24/7 support that's always online if something is wrong to ensure your data and systems are readily available all the time.

Infrastructure Cloud Services

Our Portland team can manage your IaaS at no extra cost, eliminating the need for you to maintain onsite systems.

Software Cloud Services

Provide SaaS services without any hurdles. Our Portland cloud experts manages all the aspects of your software applications end to end.


Make the right Cloud decision today.

Cloud computing is on the rise. Portland businesses turn to managed cloud service solutions to enhance and simplify their move to the cloud. You can save time and prevent disruption by working alongside with a cloud service provider. BlackPoint IT has a broad range of custom services for Portland businesses with unique requirements.

A quality managed cloud provider you can rely on.

Our approach starts with understanding your organization from top to bottom. We tailor solutions aligned with your organizational goals. You can rely on our team's solid reputation—industry certifications, high customer lifetime value, and collaborative environment to ensure reach ROI from your Cloud Services Portland contract.

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Partner with a Portland Managed Cloud Provider.

Cloud Hosting

Take advantage of the enormous benefits of cloud computing. We host or manage your existing cloud, making sure you maximize the resources and keep the workload afloat.

Cloud Engineers Team

Each of our Portland customer works with a team of Cloud Engineers who handle your infrastructure and applications. We also have an extended 24/7 support, ready to address any concern you have.

Data Resiliency

We will work with you from start to finish in ensuring your systems have the required data protection, replication, disaster recovery, and backup in case a disaster abrupts.

Reasons to get a network assessment

Navigating through the cloud is easy. Yet Portland business owners tend to forget the most crucial step to take before jumping on a new cloud strategy—getting a network assessment.

During a network assessment, workload, network, and system capacity are sifted through a variety of penetration tests. Our consultants recommend ways to optimize your systems as apps mount up.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Moving your systems to the cloud involves various moving parts that most Portland business owners cannot handle alone. Cloud services allows businesses to get a unified service. Managed Cloud Service Providers, like BlackPoint IT, handle your systems more efficiently.

There are numerous benefits a managed cloud solution brings to the table.

  • Scalability: Easily add and remove users as needed.
  • Exclusive vendor features: New features are regularly added to improve products.
  • Managed backups: Backing up your data and systems is made easier and simpler.
  • Reduced staffing: Save on cost as your business won’t need as many skill sets to maintain your own cloud solutions.

Yes, each of BlackPoint IT cloud service includes security management that alerts you immediately whenever there are malicious or unauthorized access in your system.

We specialize in full scope cloud service planning, design, and implementation across Oregon.

Accelerate your business processes.

Accelerate your business processes.