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Your trusted VoIP Service Provider in Phoenix

Business communication is evolving rapidly. Your Phoenix small business needs to have a comprehensive business communication solution that adheres to the changing communication landscape. Are you looking to upgrade your business’ communication lines with ease?

Engaging with a VoIP service provider is the perfect solution for your Phoenix small business. You can grow your business quicker and let your trusted provider handle all your business communication responsibilities without the hassle of finding the best carrier vendor or the upfront cost of purchasing phones.

VoIP Phone Management

Navigate through your VoIP phone system with ease. Our Phoenix experts will handle all the configuration needed to setup your VoIP system.

Supported VoIP Migration

Migrating to a VoIP system requires time, effort, and money. Let us do the heavy lifting. Our Phoenix VoIP consultant will help you map out your VoIP migration plan.

End-to-end Cloud Security

Understand the security vulnerabilities of VoIP. Our Phoenix VoIP specialists will provide you with the best tools to encrypt and keep your lines private.

VoIP Consulting

Start looking into the future. Our Phoenix solution architects will guide you through crafting a strategy that will help you achiever your future communication ecosystem.

Network and Bandwidth Assessment

Our Phoenix VoIP network engineers will evaluate your current network regularly to eliminate any connection issues.

VoIP Cloud Backup

We'll help you craft a backup solution in case you are hit by a a disastrous communication breach or cyberattack.


VoIP is more than a phone system.

Your business counts on its phone system to keep every employee connected. But with the rise of hybrid workplaces, a landline phone service can't match VoIP's features, and flexibility. VoIP enables you to open new channels of communication, new methodologies for interactions and turbo charge your business communication.

A VoIP phone service provider you can turst.

Since our Copper State Communication acquisition, BlackPoint IT has been a trusted VoIP service provider in Phoenix, AZ. We start by assessing their current networks and work closely with them in identifying the needed support and tools to efficiently manage their communication lines and connect with their customers. An approach that has helped us thousands of small businesses in Phoenix.


Partner with a Phoenix Managed Cloud Provider

Agile VoIP Deployment

Your business needs to become agile and open to opportunities. With the help of our VoIP experts, we ensure you leverage new technologies and features to address your customers' needs.

Industry-leading VoIP professionals

Each client has access to VoIP professionals and be the go-to person for upgrades, adds and moves.

24/7 VoIP Contact Center

We ensure all your issues are addressed 24/7. Our 24/7 help desk is ready to assist you on any concern you have with your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Keeping your communication lines open 24/7 has been important than ever. With VoIP services you can achieve optimal performance on your communication lines at a reasonable cost.

Absolutely. VoIP has better functionalities. VoIP offers greater function like allowing users to host audio calls, video calls, conference calls and transmit multimedia messages. It also include add-on features like voicemail, call spamming rejection and voicemail-to-email transcription.

Yes. They are very traceable if the call has to traverse the internet, or the public switched telephone network at some point in its journey.

Partnering with BlackPoint IT as your VoIP service provider ensures you experience no downtime. We offer a white-glove turnkey installation that allows you still continue with your day-to-day operation as we install and configure your communication lines.

Enable a connected
digital communication system.

Enable a connected digital communication system.