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Today’s businesses depend on their information technology (IT) infrastructure and operational capabilities to manage essential tasks, from optimizing internal communication to increasing workplace production to delivering effective network cybersecurity. Since each company is different, managers must identify their most critical IT needs and tailor their networks accordingly.

At BlackPoint IT Services, we specialize in process, support, and security strategies that allow organizations to manage their operations more efficiently. Our managed services deliver proactive solutions that keep up with your company’s ever-changing network demands.

Types of Managed Services We Offer

BlackPoint IT uses highly skilled people, automated processes, and innovative tools to deliver continuous service levels to your organization. Our managed services help streamline your critical tasks by ensuring your network, software, and equipment are always available. In addition, our solutions minimize expenses related to infrastructure upgrades because you only pay for the services you need. Examples of our managed services include:

Managed IT services

Our managed IT services help organizations without a dedicated IT department solve their technology challenges. These services save money by eliminating the need to hire and train internal staff. Our certified professionals can handle issues like data loss mitigation, process deployment, and business continuity to keep your operation running.

Cybersecurity solutions and consultation

BlackPoint's managed cybersecurity services deliver the industry's leading security technologies in one comprehensive package. Our intuitive dashboards provide complete layered protection by anticipating potentially damaging threats before they occur, giving you peace of mind that your assets are safe.

Cloud solutions and cloud management services

Our cloud management solutions allow you to choose the cloud platform that best suits your operation, whether it's a private, public, or hybrid environment. Our team will evaluate your cloud readiness and strengthen your security to ensure your strategy works as planned. We'll proactively manage and monitor your entire environment for continuous protection.

Microsoft Office 365 management services

Our Office 365 management services enable your organization to manage each application, user profile, asset, and channel in a single cloud-based location. Microsoft's ManageEngine Manager Plus streamlines your workload, allowing you to complete tasks quickly and accurately.

VoIP services

BlackPoint's VoIP services provide reliable communication solutions for businesses. Additionally, we can help your business configure and implement your VoIP solution.

IT professional services and consulting

Our experts will meet with your team to discuss your business requirements and develop an IT solution to meet those requirements. Learn more about our IT consulting services.

Telecom Carrier Services

Connectivity is critically important for every business. Through our telecom carrier services, BlackPoint will review your business needs to match you with the best internet and solution provider for your organization.

Advantages of Partnering with BlackPoint IT Services

At BlackPoint IT Services, we aim to establish long-term relationships with each client by delivering crazy-good service without excuses or exceptions. We’re committed to providing reliable, effective, and innovative solutions backed by world-class customer support to small and medium-sized operations, regardless of industry.

With over 40 years of experience delivering top-tier IT solutions, we understand what works. We’ve built our comprehensive suite of managed services to handle your organization’s needs from end to end.


Learn more about Managed IT

If you want to learn more about how our managed services can benefit your organization, our knowledgeable professionals can guide you. Whether you need a single IT service or a combined package, we deliver the solutions you need to succeed. Contact us online or call 866-449-0901 today to request additional information or schedule a free assessment.


Secure your data with cutting-edge tools.

Protect your data, network, and employees with enterprise-class security tools. You'll have access to these technologies at no extra costs for tracking activities around your network and applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our cybersecurity offering is comprised of securing data from inside out. We focus on gearing you up with a multi-layered approach in keeping your end systems secure. The areas we cover are email filtering, malware protection, endpoint device security protection and monitoringdomain name system (DNS) filtering, firewall, and IPS monitoring.

Yes. We conduct regular audits and provide you with an in-depth review of your security policies, procedures as well as practices.

We will educate and train your employees on what to watch out for in social engineering attacks and how to protect sensitive dataTo test their knowledge, we will execute campaigns to gauge each employee’s interaction with phishing emails. 

We will alert you if we detect any information on the dark web and guide you through the steps to secure your sensitive information.

Cybercriminals use malicious software or malware to penetrate systems and access company data. One of the most common ways they spread malware is through deceiving employees to download software. Always be cautious of suspicious emails asking to download new files or follow links to unknown websites.

According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, organizations can have as much as a 29.6% chance of a data breach. Many data breaches can be linked to third parties outside of an organization. You can minimize the chances of an attack by verifying emails from outside your company.

On detection of an intrusion or malware infection, we isolate the machine from your network and remediate any infections. After isolating machines, we back up your systems and immediately examine how your systems were infected. Finally, after we’ve gathered the necessary details, we send over our analysis and recommendations on how we can prevent them from happening in the future.

We have been in the industry for over 40 years, we believe that anticipation is key to preventing issues.

Our approach is to test and examine your systems regularly. By doing this, we can document anomalies that may arise and ensure you have the right tools to combat any viruses from entering your systems. 

BlackPoint IT’s endpoint protection monitors your employee devices, recognizes threats, and delivers reliable security intelligence. We make sure to provide you with continuous threat monitoring, including events generated at all your system endpoints, and look for suspicious activity and deal with it immediately. 

Data breaches are inevitable but losing data is not. Our experts give you full visibility of your systems in real time.  

BlackPoint IT controls, monitors, and blocks suspicious insider activity or outsider attacks. We make sure that your sensitive information is only accessed by authorized individuals to prevent data loss. 

We offer flexible pricing based on a number of factors such as the size and complexity of your business, number of employees, number of devices, and more. Contact us for a free estimate.

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