IT Support & Managed IT Services
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Premium IT Support in Las Vegas

Technology has changed the way businesses run. Tech slowdowns and other issues can be especially frustrating, and even cost you precious time and revenue. Las Vegas is one of the largest travel hubs in the world. In a place as busy as this, it’s important to keep your business tech running smoothly. Get help from a top-performing IT support company in Las Vegas. With 24/7 service, your business can reach new heights with improved efficiency and technology you can rely on.

Managed IT Solutions

Find Las Vegas IT support that simply works for you. 24/7 monitoring and disaster prevention mean you can rest easy knowing your IT needs are met at all hours of the day.

Cloud Management

Back up your systems and data to the cloud with the expertise of our cloud architects. Migrate vital parts of your business to our secure private servers and reduce costs for on-site tech.

Cybersecurity Services

Stop cyberattacks in their tracks with 24/7 protection from our team. Their proactive approach will reduce the number of attacks and minimize any downtime from tech issues.

Microsoft 365

Get guidance from our IT consultants on how to better integrate Office 365 into your business. Certified Microsoft partners will help you manage your licenses, improve workflows and maximize productivity with all your Microsoft products.

VoIP Phone Services

Scale your team’s communications with advanced VoIP features and on-premise PBX. Cut costs by merging your phone and data services, and keep connected by integrating cloud-based phone systems into your organization.

Custom Telecom Solutions

Choose from top telecom products with expert installation and maintenance. Empower your employees with on-site services that keep you running for ages.


Get industry-leading IT management.

A lot of work goes into your Las Vegas business, so you should work with a managed IT service that brings more to the table than simple tech fixes. With Blackpoint IT, you’ll get a partner that not only works on your infrastructure but helps with your company’s overall strategy.

Work with a vCIO without the enterprise price tag.

Each of our partner businesses is paired up with their own vCIO. Their virtual chief information officer is the team leader in charge of your Las Vegas company’s IT support, identifying ways to better integrate technology into your business and saving money in the process.

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Perks of getting Managed IT Services

Remote Access & Support

Tech issues slowing you down? With 24/7 access to our team, we’ll answer all your questions and respond to any technical flubs you encounter.

Non-stop Monitoring & Protection

IT professionals will watch over your systems all day, every day. They’ll deal with all the errors and cyberattacks for you, so you don’t have to.

A More Efficient Business

With your IT in our hands, you can save money and stop wasting your company’s valuable time dealing with tech issues. We’ll reduce downtime and keep everything running as smooth as ever.

IT Assessments: Why You Should Get One

In an attempt to save money, some business owners won’t deal with tech issues until something goes wrong. In reality, this is a huge mistake. Neglecting your IT like this is not only dangerous for your business but also costly. 

Discerning business owners understand how vital technology is to their business. They can avoid technology blunders by running an IT assessment.

This evaluation can help your business save money and prevent disasters through:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities in your network
  • Discovering new opportunities for better tech implementation
  • Recommending new cost-saving technology while getting rid of obsolete tech


Try a risk-free assessment today and discover new ways to grow your business with Las Vegas’s top-performing managed IT service.

Get managed IT services
for your business.

Get managed IT services
for your business.