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Businesses are more reliant on technology than ever before. And with technology evolving at such a rapid pace, your business stands to lose money if you don’t keep up with emerging trends and technology. It can also be frustrating and costly if any of your current technology fails. With a number of Fortune 1,000 companies operating in the Kansas City area, it’s more important than ever for your business to stay ahead of the competition with a managed IT service. That’s where we come in. Get the best IT support in Kansas City with Blackpoint IT. With our managed IT service, you’ll have a partner that will keep your business’ technology up to date and secure. Your business will run more efficiently, and you’ll reduce the hassle and stress of managing IT yourself.

Managed IT Services

Get a managed IT service that works. Our Kansas City technicians will monitor your network 24/7 and handle any tech issues for you. With excellent IT support, you’ll have more time to focus on your business while saving money along the way.

Cloud Management Services

Keeping resources in the cloud has never been safer. Whether it’s optimizing your current infrastructure or migrating your entire network to the cloud, our expert cloud architects will help boost your company’s performance.

Cybersecurity Services

Without proper cybersecurity, your business is prone to malware and data breaches. Protect your Kansas City business from cyberattacks with a hardy defense plan. With constant monitoring, you can count on a swift response whenever someone attempts to breach your defenses.

Microsoft 365 Services

Use your Office 365 products to the fullest with 24/7 support from our IT consultants. Certified Microsoft specialists will manage licensing, governance, and compliance needs while simplifying your infrastructure and increasing security measures.

VoIP Phone Services

Boost your current communications with advanced features such as automated attendants, cloud integration, analytics, and more. Keep your workforce more connected with a flexible communications system and on-location services.

Telecom Services

Get rid of all the headaches and get a customized telecom solution tailored to your business. Our Kansas City telecom architects will keep your systems in check, provide expert installation, and vet suppliers for the best telecom products and services.


Benefit from non-stop monitoring and protection.

When you outsource your IT support to our Kansas City team, we become an extension of your business. We’ll work around the clock with a proactive approach that keeps your systems up and running. Whether it’s troubleshooting minor glitches or dealing with major cyberattacks, we’ll keep your business safe and operating at peak efficiency.

Access our customer service anytime.

Need help with a tech issue? Our IT experts are there for you around the clock, even if it’s just to say hi! No matter what time of day or day of the year, you’ll have a reliable managed IT service in Kansas City.

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Benefits of working with a managed IT service in Kansas City

By outsourcing your IT support, you no longer have to worry about recruiting, hiring, and training for IT positions. Work with your vCIO as long as you like, or we will help you find one that’s right for your business.

Dedicated IT Consultants

Everyone we work with is paired with a virtual chief information officer. This vCIO is dedicated to helping your business with its overall strategy, planning, IT management, and more. They’ll ensure your business is up-to-date and keep you informed about new and relevant technologies.

Remote Access and Support

Our Kansas City IT support team is available at all times to monitor your systems and respond to any issues you may have. We’ll respond to alerts and resolve technical issues any time, any day.

Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies

Cyberattacks can happen at any time. If left unchecked, they can slow your business down and cost you revenue. If you’re hit by an attack, we’ll get you back up and running at no additional cost.

Importance of IT assessment

Kansas City business owners try to save money by resolving issues as they happen. In reality, this approach is riskier and more costly. A cost-effective solution is to run an IT assessment.

A proper assessment can save you money by:

  • Comparing costs of disaster prevention to recovery
  • Removing obsolete technologies that don’t provide value
  • Implementing modern, efficient technologies
  • Improving security measures that prevent cyberattacks


Get the best IT support in Kansas City. With a risk-free assessment, your business has nothing to lose and a great deal of potential efficiency to gain.

Get managed IT services
for your business.

Get managed IT services
for your business.