Reasons to Work with a Managed Security Provider

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Organizations today are looking to transform how they store and share workloads by migrating to the cloud to offer a more flexible environment. We can all agree that this is both beneficial yet risky considering how scary running new technologies for a business is these days. Today, bad actors are getting more sophisticated and aggressive in maximizing the opportunity to steal sensitive data.   

Threats circling data security are increasing. According to Security Boulevard’s recent report, 8.4 Billion records were exposed just in the first quarter of 2020 alone. Cybercriminals are seen exploiting the remote work situation of the current COVID-19 pandemic to launch highly sophisticated attacks. 

But how do companies deal with these threats? It’s terrifying to see how ill-prepared small to medium-sized companies are for these sorts of attacks. These attacks are pervasive and challenging, companies alone can’t seem to handle them. 

An increasing number of businesses often implement a comprehensive managed security program from an experienced IT security provider. We have listed down top reasons why you should work with an experienced IT security provider: 

Security threats are proactively monitored and addressed.

Hiring a service provider to handle your security is more than outsourcing security to lessen capital or staffing expensesManaged security providers deliver proactive approach to network security that prevents security threats from happening in the first place. 

For small to medium sized organization, they often struggle managing in-house security processes and personnel to proficiently secure their IT infrastructure. Accidental data loss is also becoming a major problem. Hiring a service provider reduce accidental breaches by helping organizations counter internal security challenges, whether it is a from your end-user, or external party that has gained access company credential. It also helps prevent threats from entering the organization.  

Receive support from experienced professionals

On an average, organizations spends 24% of their IT budget on security-related operations. With outsourcing your security solution from an experienced IT provider, you are providing your organization with around-the-clock support to cybersecurity that are usually only available when you have an in-house IT employee (which is quite pricey and hard to maintain).

IT resources within a small-medium sized organization are generally scarce due to extensive demand and the relatively high cost of hiring. For most businesses, security monitoring isn’t included in the option, you need to hire a separate employee to security monitoring related tasks for your business. Not to mention, sometimes your IT staff have their hands full keeping up the network, applications, and other IT operations. 

When you outsource your security solution from a managed IT provider, your organization receives hands-on full support by using on that would cost significantly more in terms of training, salaries, benefits and more‚ which requires many SMBs to shell out a huge amount of upfront capital. Some SMBs don’t have enough resources to maintain and develop it own team.  

Reduce operational costs

Maintaining the best security team in-house is expensive. On an average, organizations spends 24% of their IT budget on security-related operations. To manage your own security requires a team of professionals that typically cost $74,000 a year. For your security team to stay on top of emerging threats you’ll require regular updates of software and hardware and specialty staff training all these costs add up.

When working with a managed IT provider you have access to a team of specialists included in your monthly fee. Which grants your organizations access to security that small businesses would not normally be able to afford. By utilizing a managed service provider, you will save capital expenditure expenses by reducing your number of hardware purchases and reducing specialty staff training.  

Gain access to greater resources

In addition to the benefit of having access to an experienced team with a fraction of the cost, your organization would benefit from the robust resources and tools available from manage IT providers. Not to mention, keeping up with new regulations can be difficult for management. Outsourcing your security operations will help your organization keep up with the necessary licenses, government regulations, standards and more. 

Focus on what matters most.

The beauty of partnering with a managed security service provider is that you can shift your focus, time, and resources on the success of your business. 

Are you currently leveraging your own in-house staff to drive your cyber security? Have you outsourced your cyber security needs to an IT service provider? Is your organization lacking security? BlackPoint IT’s advanced security solution is designed to help your company improve your security foundation by implementing the key tools allowing us to detect and prevent security intrusions, events, and hacks, and recover quickly after a related event.

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