Top 10 Reasons to Use a Telecom Consultant

Virtual communication is an integral part of every business. From simple check-in calls with your employees to conference calls with prospective customers on the other side of the world, we all rely on carrier and telephony services daily. And when it comes to carrier and telephony services, having a communication system with minor downtime and an efficient network is critical.

But unlike the calls you make in your daily routine, finding suitable carrier and telephony solutions for your business is a complex process. 

If you’re looking for the best way to get the most out of your carrier and telephony solutions, it’s time to consider consulting a telecom consultant.  


What is a Telecom Consultant? 

A telecom consultant works with you to find the best carrier solutions for your business. They ensure that you’re getting the most efficient and reliable services for your budget, process, and needs. 


Reasons to Use a Telecom Consultant 


1. No Overarching Charges  

Some telecom sales representatives charge an additional rate aside from the service provider’s introductory pricing. They are given sales quotas that drive them with a coercive approach to prospect clients. Using an independent telecom agent can fend you off against that process. Independent agents are well-informed on the industry and can help you spot the best contract prices, whether you’re just temperature-checking costs or switching carriers.  


2. Partnership  

Independent telecom agents act as an extension of your company. They assess and understand your present and future needs. Your agent will look at your current IT environment and suggest carrier solutions that can accommodate changes. Trends and new technologies are constantly being invented, so setting a panoramic view of your business trajectory helps avoid compatibility issues or migration challenges.    


3. Single Point of Contact  

Employee turnover happens in every company. Most telecom providers have high attrition rates. It could be challenging to collaborate with different people affecting their knowledge level on your business once in a while. You can ensure a long-term relationship and qualified background with an independent agent, especially when making an educated decision.  


4. Carrier Packages  

Independent telecom agents have worked with multiple carriers. They know the ins and outs, how packages compare, and special rates that you can reap. Contacting a customer representative directly leads to biased sales promotions. Telecom brokers have a neutral perspective while working with you since it’s their job to vet contracts, not make money off selling contracts.   


5. Source of Truth  

Telecom companies train their sales representatives to close deals effectively, highlighting elevator pitches, comparative advantage, and downplaying competitors’ deficiencies. Your agent will map out and present the landscape to you. They tell you the actual performance of carriers in every aspect. This entails reliability, security, speed, flexibility, and scalability of the network. Each feature needs technical analysis where an independent agent can take over.  


6. Customization  

Carriers overlap in some areas, but most of them offer a unique service as well. You might be inclined to a carrier’s specific technology while keeping a close eye on another carrier’s unique features. Customization brings that to the table. You can homogenize solutions to fit your preferences and needs. Independent agents provide recommendations based on their research across your telecom contracts, inventory, infrastructure, and invoices.   


7. Cost Savings  

Independent agents can potentially shop around and get you a great rate. They use their knowledge and experience to negotiate with carriers. Most large projects entail special pricing that helps you avail a service at the best possible price. Independent agents also don’t charge extra on top of contracts. You can achieve quality, schedule, and budget by working with them.  


8. Understand Next-Generation Technology  

Technologies rapidly emerge. Procuring infrastructure from a carrier must be flexible enough to adopt new technologies. It would be best if you understood whether the infrastructure is scalable and flexible. Let your agent assess the system or ask for help from your in-house IT staff.  


9. Simplified Invoicing  

Telecoms invoice businesses with billing cycles, transactions, multiple service vendors, and other fluffs. Various invoices can accumulate quickly, which causes tedious manual reviewing. This often happens due to sales representatives’ eagerness to reach quotas and forget to present invoices in a digestible way. You won’t experience this kind of trouble with a telecom consultant who simplifies your account payables, reviews unused and used services, and automates processes.   


10. Business Focus  

You can focus on generating revenue rather than haggling with carriers and doing paperwork. Telecom agents process the documents from start to finish. All you need to do is review and sign it. Their expertise significantly contributes to making smarter decisions and quicker implementation while everyone in your business is occupied. It emphasizes cost-effective solutions, powerful performance, and a secure network environment. A good broker will help with details associated with project management and the cut-over process. Don’t underestimate the importance of this. 

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