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Should You Outsource Cybersecurity?

Last updated: 13 Apr 2023

Outsourcing cybersecurity solutions is only made difficult by the fact that there are so many from which to choose. Enterprises are looking for solutions that will detect and identify anomalies and threats and provide the protection needed to reach company goals without being impeded by the constant worry of cyberattacks.

Pulling out the metrics

Outsourcing cybersecurity solutions can be a challenge for enterprises that are not entirely sure how these solutions will mitigate their risks. By utilizing metrics, the options can be narrowed down to what will work for each respective company. Some companies could have a hundred or more metrics to draw from.

However, the best solutions are those that allow an enterprise to define its thresholds for alerts. These solutions generate immediate alerts to let the company know when an intrusion has occurred. Automation and a degree of predictability are further hallmarks of a top cybersecurity solution. They are custom-built to the enterprise’s security needs and completely actionable. But custom-built solutions like these can also be expensive and labor-intensive for IT staff.

Know your risks

Smaller organizations are not immune from risk. Knowing that many small organizations take cybersecurity for granted, some cybercriminals make a career of targeting them, as they have nearly unfettered access to small organization’s data. Even small organizations should develop a risk register.

Outsourcing cybersecurity makes sense when the robustness of partner solutions is considered. Furthermore, the pricing aspect is fairly straightforward because you only pay for what you use. Most offer intrusion detection tools that are quite cost-effective considering the partner takes care of all the updates and maintenance is something many small companies are unable to do on their own at an affordable cost.

At BlackPoint IT, we know how daunted companies are by the thought of implementing a security solution or outsourcing cybersecurity. We’ve developed solutions for improving cybersecurity, including our 24/7 monitoring service that ensures strong perimeters and controlled network access. Contact us today, and let’s talk about how we can meet your unique needs.

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