Five Advantages of Moving to Microsoft 365

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We are witnessing a spike in the number of companies searching for technological upgradesBusinesses see the potential of emerging technologies such as the cloud for optimizing work processes, cost-minimization, and enhanced security. The cloud removes system complexities, which attracts enterprises to migrate as soon as possible.  

One of the most used cloud-based apps today is Microsoft 365It is a suite of productivity apps. These apps include Outlook, Teams, Word, and Excel. In the past, Microsoft 365 had to be installed locally. You can now access it over the Internet ever since Microsoft hosted the environment to cloud. Here’s how Microsoft 365 can help your business. 


1. Improved Collaboration and Communication 

Equipping businesses with the right resources positively impact internal and external communication. Users can open Word online and share access with their colleaguesThis enables them to work collaboratively and see real-time updates. Microsoft 365 shrugs off location proximities. If a remote employee resides in another country and you’re working together, both of you still have the same document view.  

Other useful apps: 

  • Teams
  • Outlook Web App (OWA)
  • Planner 
  • PowerApps 
  • SharePoint 


Companies can utilize these apps to increase productivity and improve employee collaboration within the organization. 

2. Ease of Access

Microsoft stays ahead of the curve. Apps are constantly updated and monitored. In the beginning of digital transformation, Microsoft proactively adjusted Microsoft 365 to make it accessible online. OneDrive is an example of quick and easy data sharing. Files can be transferred from a local desktop to OneDrive’s online storage. This can be viewed remotely regardless of your location.  

Microsoft Teams has several collaboration features including instant messaging or video conferencing with your colleagues. It is downloadable to desktops and mobile devices.  


3. Controlled Expenses

Microsoft 365 has different payment plans you can chooseOn-premise software can cost you upfront and maintenance costs. Being billed monthly with a fixed rate lets you predict the amount of expenses for the year. It helps you plan out where the other budgets can be expended. Microsoft 365 is also scalable. You can increase your storage at ease unlike on-premise apps that requires technical managementThe apps can be purchased individually, but most companies avail a plan to fully maximize the service.  

4. Reliable Security

Cloud-based companies comply with security standards such as HIPAA, FISMA, and ISO 27001Vendors develop their environments guaranteeing records and data are protected from vulnerabilities. Cloud backups are also available in any case of incidents or outages. IT Administrators can monitor and configure Office 365 that ensures data privacy. Migrating to Microsoft 365 seem to dither, but its security and recovery features can prepare your business during a crisis.  

5. Simple Migration

Microsoft provides a broad variety of software solutions for businesses seeking to move resources from a legacy system to Microsoft 365. Microsoft Gold Certified Specialists at Innovative Architects help migrate data between applicationsThey have been trained to implement migration with minimal disruption. 

Thinking of migrating to Office 365?   

Office 365 offers many benefits that can help grow your businessIt promotes collaboration, efficiency, and security. Contact us to get you started.  

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